Blogging value

If you are looking to attract readers, provide something of value to them.

Provide value and like bees to flowers the readers will come.

My town has a diverse abundance of flowers, such that the bees are being choosy as to what they are visiting. Where it has been difficult to find bees amongst many flowers, this was not the case for the type of flower in my photo, which seemed to attract them all.

If your blog is more than a personal journal, then you will need to work at creating value to attract those readers against the competition of a billion other blogs, as the flower on the left does with the bees.  I attempt to create value by including practical wisdom that a reader can use in real life in each blog post.

My once a day posts are a snapshot of one of a thousand thoughts going through my head each day.  Though tempted, many ideas for a post are rejected, as I remind myself the post must be interesting, of practical value, and suited to the way I present my blog.

Presentation of your blog post increases the value of what you offer.  Paul Handover, a reader of this blog, imparted in a comment to Liberated Way:

“I think that one has to do everything to make the experience good for the reader, new or otherwise. That means that the blog post should be visually compelling. Well laid out text, eye-catching titles, attractive opening sentences that draw the reader on, and photographs and visual images to break up the text. A screen-full of words is tough to read especially on the rapidly growing proportion of tablets, smart phones, etc.”


9 responses to “Blogging value

  1. Those things are too close for comfort! Hope you had a long lens, and yes, I do get what you’re trying to get across in your post! LOL

  2. Agree. I have so much to share, but realize that followers do not read blogs like they read books.
    Seems that at one time, a blog was one thing, an individuals thoughts. Now, blogs are much more, and sharing something of value seems to be what I like to read. 🙂

    • Hi seapunk2, it depends on what purpose you put your blog to. If its a personal journal then readers are not so important. Those bloggers that like to have readers though need to work value into their posts to attract them. Your blogs are good.

  3. Hi! Bro, Absolutely correct! A blog must be benefit to others. Cheers!

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