Reach for the sun

Set your goals high to perform at your best.

Reach for the sun to achieve your best.

My town of Colchester is competing to become the City of Culture in 2017. The competition is tough, and Colchester is unlikely to win. The good news is that this competition encourages Colchester to develop and market its many under-sold historical, cultural and natural assets to the world to meet the standards this competition requires.

If you want to run a 100 metres race in a good time, why not have as your goal to destroy Usain Bolt’s current world record? Aim high, then work to that goal.  The goal is so high that you are unlikely to reach it, but you will achieve your highest personal potential, whilst always having something to aim for to improve upon.

Some people will say, “oh, but you must set realistic goals”.  If you want to live a safe unchallenging life you can listen to such people; however, by setting your goals low, your achievement will be low too.  Set your goals high, you will achieve a higher result.  For any goal reach for the sun.


13 responses to “Reach for the sun

  1. [ Smiles ] Great advice, Alex.

  2. Nice picture. Is that Cow Parsley or Water Hemlock I see there? By all means reach for the Sun, but leave the idea that you won’t achieve it behind. On the other hand a little realism isn’t bad either. I can’t sing, so I’ll never be an opera star, but my cows used to like it.

  3. The city of Bumblebee, AZ, USA is going to give Colchester a stiff run for the money so don’t get your hopes up! lol

  4. Inspiring. You are on a roll Alex. Keep ’em coming.

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  6. History of the Ancient World

    Hi! I have just nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award
    I would be honoured if you accept.

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