Celebrate the Journey

Celebrating the Journey is where you begin living your life.

Celebrate your Life Journey.

For a few hours Danny Boyle put on a celebration of Britain before the world at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.   During those few hours through music, dance and theater Britain remembered who it was.  As the days, the weeks, pass at the end of the Olympics, like a dream Britain will forget who it was.

Individual or nation is neither an event, or a list of facts in a book, but a living experience, a journey of becoming through the doing.

Put it another way, the sprint king Usain Bolt, remembers who he is because he is celebrating his journey as a sprinter through the experience of doing every moment, every day.  Usain Bolt is in a daily state of becoming through the participation of his sport of sprinting; he is the sum of all those world records, medals and victories. Bolt celebrates who he is, and what he is by the active daily participation in his journey of sprinting.

I purchased the paper weight “Celebrate the Journey” to remind myself that the pursuit of my dreams is like an ongoing journey of becoming, and its celebration is through the active living of that dream through the doing every moment of every day.


28 responses to “Celebrate the Journey

  1. We, across the pond, are enjoying Britain as it is during this moment. And it’s quite an inspirational show.

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] The beautiful paper weight will make a wonderful reminder.

    Thanks for another great post, Alex.

  3. Fantastic post!

    Well done.

  4. meaningful words Alex… thank you

  5. Great post! Loved the opening show, it was fantastic. Even brought a tear to my eye a few times. They created a henge, how very surprising. And of course, there’s nothing quite like the English sense of humour, both the Queen and Mr. Bean.

  6. Very nice Alex. We should all be striving to attain what you are speaking of. To be in the moment with whatever it is we are doing. Bolt is very lucky to have sprinting, but in sure it was a struggle to get where he is. We must start our own struggle to get where we want to go!
    Great post! 🙂

  7. Hi! I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award http://theworldofalexanderthegreat.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    I would be honoured if you accept!

  8. As a screenwriter, I am learning to focus on the journey with my main characters… I suppose it’s a bit of a celebration too! Great blog!

  9. In many of the Olympic competitions, I applauded not a nation or a team, but the beauty, strength, effort and focus of individuals doing their best, giving their best. I haven’t been to London in many years, and the shots of runners’ routes, the closeups of the people and the countryside made me want to return.

  10. Greetings Alex, Ive read several of your posts.I have enjoyed the read, rea firming the path I have chosen many years ago. At times it hasn’t been easy as I don’t follow main stream thoughts and ideals. I have learned that if I continue my journey, then my strength will come from within.And when that isn’t enough some one always comes my way to help me through. Or sometimes they are there for me to help them through. This path is not empty, but lined with person’s and all needing to give and receive .

    • Hi nikgee, I identify with your experience of life. I have often enjoyed the company of hidden allies and opportunities who come at the right moment when I am on these journeys in life.

      • Alex, for me the explanation goes beyond the physical. taking root in the spiritual. Man has from the beginning has sought the answers to all things life.From names, to philosophy, to myth, to religion, the list is endless..Each one settling for just a small piece of the truth. To truly evolve we can’t continue to stand still, holding tightly to this small morsel of truth.professing loudly this is the way. The only way. Each must be willing to let go.Tossing their piece into the common pot and standing back .don’t touch.Sorry our help is not needed for it to be.I mean no disrespect by using the word it. But refuse to place limits. The spiritual has no boundaries. No limits to be. I truly believe in my heart that if we would let go and let it grow. We would be in awe at what we see. The big WOW.

      • Reading your wise post gave me an image of acorns to oak trees. Thanks for your insights, nikgee.

      • Some have made sport of my obsession with books. as I collect and hoard a large variety of topics.. So when you said acorn to oak it reminded me I had a book titled “The Meaning of Trees”. Looking up the word Oak I learned a few things. Don’t laugh but I had no idea before now, that the acorn was associated with the oak tree. Dumb huh? Anyway there are pages about the oak. There were a few things that really jumped out at me.symbolism:Sovereignty, ruler ship,power..The ancients viewed the Oak as sacred and in reverence..

      • Oaks are mighty trees, held sacred as one of the premier trees of my Celtic ancestors. Sometimes we miss connections between things, and I am sure you are not the only one who missed the connection of acorns to oak trees.

  11. Hi Alex. Really enjoy your positiveness. I am a fan of Ussain Bolt as well! Thanks for writing!

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