Three good guides to life

The three guides to life are: inner voice; nature; ancients.

We all need a good compass for life.

During our journey into life, a good compass would be handy to guide us along.  Sure, there are gurus, self-help books and religions that for a price of our freedom and resources will tell us what we want to hear.  The guidance may be wrong, restrictive and potentially a mind trap of following another’s path rather than our own.

There are three alternative guides that may act as suitable aids to our journey to consider.

1. Inner Voice

Always honest, has our best interests at heart, and loyal to us. The Inner voice speaks to us in three ways:


Presents the problem and then the solutions.  All we have to do is remember the dreams; identify the problem; translate the dream code.


Flashes of inspiration; those eureka moments; the mind makes the connections and then presents them, usually at the most inappropriate of moments.


Our thoughts translate into feelings in our body.  Our body sensations tell us how it feels about a situation, and what it wants.

2. Nature

You can build a philosophy based on nature.  Observe and translate what you see in nature into your life.

3. Ancients

Apart from the odd modern thinker such as Eckhart Tolle and Neil Gunn, I look to ancients from Plotinus backwards for my philosophy.  The further back you go, for instance to Ice Age ideas, the more concrete and connected are those ideas to nature and reality.  Indigenous people are useful guides in that their knowledge is relatively unchanged in outlook from their Ice Age ancestors.  In my opinion modern thinkers present corrupted versions of ideas that had already been put forward by the ancients.


23 responses to “Three good guides to life

  1. [ Smiles ] Your article was enlightening and fun to read.

    By the way, I missed you and your regular input on WordPress!

  2. Hey! I missed your posts as well! This is an enlightening post and I am glad to have you back!!
    I guess, someone is too busy in Olympics nowadays!! 😉

  3. Thanks for the great post. Inspirational for sure.

  4. Inner voice, dreams and nature are my top three, but being reminded of our guides is always necessary. Great post, welcome back to blogosphere – another one of life’s great guides!

  5. You write: “In my opinion modern thinkers present corrupted versions of ideas that had already been put forward by the ancients.” I often think the same. But then I try to remind myself that most modern thinkers are just trying to make sense of the world today. Like most of us. Maybe the world got more complicated over the centuries. Probably because we made it more complicated.

    • I read from start to finish a guide of philosophy in which there was lists of significant philosophers from ancient to modern; it became obvious that modern philosophers were rehashing older ideas.

      Modern philosophers tended as you say over complicate things.

  6. Love this post! I find that i experience all three components of inner voice very strongly. This has not always been easy to deal with because i tend to listen to my head and logic more than anything else but i’m now learning to listen and trust that inner voice.

  7. A good post. Regarding the rehashing, I guess there’s nothing new under the sun, as my parents used to say.

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  9. Since moving into nature and surrounding myself with all inhabitants of nature (yes, I know humans are natural inhabitants, but once humans moved into the cities, that connection to nature has been severed) that is where I draw my philosophy of life so to speak. I agree with your tenet about that. I also agree with what you say of intuition, in nature intuition is closer to instinct than not. Intuition, to me, is like being in tune with my natural surrounding. Ideally, I would love to live as the indigenous do/did, but, for now, we try to live as close as possible to their way of life.

    Great post!

  10. I absolutely agree with this! What’s more, I happened to read it in a moment when I most needed to be reminded of it all. Thank you for the post!

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