Thanks for following Liberated Way

A thank you and a summary of what is happening on Liberated Way.

A thank you to all readers of the Liberated Way.

It is time to say a BIG thank you to all the readers of Liberated Way, for your follows, comments and likes.  Liberated Way has evolved to 350+ followers, mainly from WordPress.  I follow 200+ blogs, and read between 50-100 WordPress blogs a day.

Liberated Way has now settled down to the current format of postings as you have seen for the last few weeks, with short, simple and practically useful blog postings.  The longer and detailed material I will leave for a future planned website.

Liberated Way is now on Twitter.  I am looking at Pinterest and other photo sites to share more Liberated Way images with people.  The first Liberated Way videos will soon appear on Vimeo.

To reduce my dependency upon the images of others I have been building a 500+ photographic library of my own thanks to an investment in a digital camera.  I plan to audit all my images with view to eliminating as many images as I can that I have no copyright authority over.  The Dandelion Awards are on a short break until September.

Today, I removed the links page from Liberated Way, as I think linking can be done where relevant in each blog post.  I have added a simple policy page for the blog.

August has been a busy time for me, so there has been, and will continue to be, gaps when no posts are made to this blog.  I have no internet-capable phone, and I dislike carrying my laptop around, thus there will be times when I won’t have the opportunity to post or connect to the internet.

In every blog post I attempt to add practical wisdom. My wise tip today is that when on holiday, disconnect from cell phones and the internet.  A customer of mine recently had their holiday ruined when their business life followed them to their holiday in Spain.

I hope that Liberated Way is practically useful to the lives of readers, and I likewise value the many inspirational blog posts that I read on fellow blogging sites.  Liberated Way wishes all readers a successful and healthy second half of the year.


17 responses to “Thanks for following Liberated Way

  1. Congratulations Alex! I am sure, you and your blog are loved by each one of us!

  2. Things are coming along very nicely, and the future plans are promising. Just for your info, I have a friend who favors Pinterest for his photographic work. I think he finds it easy to arrange and rearrange photos using the boards arrangement, and Pinterest does seem to be growing a lot in popularity. Anyway, I look forward to what ever you decide.

  3. I’ve used Pinterest for some time, as well as Bolt had the advantage of being able to “file” or hide items, until one is ready to use them.
    It seems like you’re saying a half-hearted goodbye, Alex. You’ll be here but you won’t be here?
    What made you decide to use Twitter?

    • Hi sepaunk2, I will be around, just that during August I will be unable to make daily posts.

      Thanks for bringing BO.LT to my attention, I will look to create an account there.

      Twitter extends my ability to network with likeminded people. I see value in keeping an eye on evolving real time events via Twitter such as the Olympics, and also keeping an eye on creative artists like WoodKid. I also like the idea of using a common source where my blog, image, video and website sources can converge to share updates with the world.

  4. All the very best! Keep going!!! 🙂

  5. I do enjoy your blog.

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