A visual punch on the nose

Use good patterns to help people remember you.

Use focus, harmony and colour for visual impact.

The awesome London Olympics closed yesterday with an extravaganza of music and colour.  In contrast to the Opening Ceremony, I am unable to remember much memorable about the Closing Ceremony; it was like a painter had splashed a canvas with a chaos of noise and colour.  I remember Mr Bean, the parachuting Queen, the youngsters lighting the Cauldron, the Industrial Revolution scene, and the children’s literature scene at the Opening Ceremony; I remember only visual chaos at the Closing Ceremony.

In blogging, marketing or teaching, a major purpose is to convey knowledge in a manner that people remember it.  It is worth studying how the brain works in remembering knowledge, which both assists in personal learning or assisting others to remember you and what you say.

Here are a few insights I picked up from the Opening and Closing ceremonies at the London Olympics:

  • Break knowledge into themes.
  • Keep themes short.
  • Anchor image, text, colour and sound in harmony with the theme.
  • Create a visual, entertaining, and dramatic story at the centre of each theme.
  • Create a meaningful transition between each theme.
  • Provide contrast between themes to create a boundary between them.
  • Build an overall theme that links all the smaller themes.
  • Convey each theme in a different way to another.

The brain works in patterns.  If the pattern is too long the brain switches off, so it has to be jolted awake by changes of pattern.  The brain is like a butterfly, more so in children, so the point is to keep it in a state of interest and attention so that it remembers.  The themes must be associated in meaningful ways so the brain cells can align them in understandable patterns of memory. The Opening Ceremony kept my attention, but my attention died after 30 minutes of sameness and chaos in the Closing Ceremony.


5 responses to “A visual punch on the nose

  1. I loved the last paragraph! Written with utter wisdom and I agree completely. Thank you for a beautiful share Alex.

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