Avoid the spider

Avoid the scams.

Avoid the spider webs of life or be eaten by the spiders.

Facebook recently stands accused of a scam of failing to deliver on a promise to verify the security of developer applications despite being paid money for this service.  How easy is it to spot a scam? There are a few indicators that may help.

A friend of mine replied to an internet advertisement that offered to pay them for listing cars on Ebay on their own account.  The advert offered to pay them various fees on completion of each Ebay auction.  I spotted several scam indicators and advised them against entering into business with this person.

Too good to be true

If this thought comes to mind then a scam is in motion.  Regardless of success £100 plus Ebay listing fee would be paid per item.  If successful, 2% of the sale of the car would also be paid.  For just listing items on Ebay this is too good to be true.

Why do they need you?

Why can’t they list the items on Ebay on their own account themselves and avoid paying others to do it for them? If there is no obvious answer to such questions, there is a scam going on, or worse an illegal activity.

If it costs you money

The idea of business is you provide a product or service in exchange for money, not pay the other person money.  My friend would have to pay Ebay listing fees before being paid.

Lack of information

The other party provides limited, false or unverifiable contact details.  Likewise the other party fails to show an interest in knowing about you.  The natural inclination of most people is to know about who they are doing business with.

Obvious pitfalls

The obvious dangers that my friend wont be paid, is left paying listing fees, and has people coming after them over faulty, illegal or fraudulent listings.


Just as the natural world is full of spider webs, so human society is full of scams.  Just as flies are the lunch for spiders, the fool is the food of fraudsters.


10 responses to “Avoid the spider

  1. The promise of a quick buck often blinds people to the obvious dangers.

  2. Great post! I couldn’t agree more, I this world has made me a bit cynical yet that is better than being naive.

  3. Internet scams were the second biggest earner for Nigeria after oil production. The papers were full of stories of people handing over their life savings but I could never feel sorry for people being so stupid and greedy. and it was hard to feel angry with poor people in Africa doing the scams as many of them were struggling to survive. There used to be a website where people scammed the scammers but the effect wsa to make me feel sorry for the people struggling to get a computer, for ower failures, for theft etc.

    • Nigeria have got scams down to an art form. They continue to show themselves in many forums and web sites with their hard luck stories. There will always be fools around, and those Nigerians will continue to prosper whilst this is the case. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Different venue same game. Remember make money stuffing envelopes or winning prizes but first send a check for? ? This is good information to share.

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