Avoid the parasites

Parasites are toxic junk best avoided.

A win-win relationship between flower and bee.

I was stopped by an interviewer as I exited a shop today.  “Could you spare a few minutes for my survey?” they asked.  I said “no”.  The interviewer acted as if I hurt their feelings, my reaction was indifferent.

I had just avoided a parasitic relationship, that is a relationship where I end up the loser.  Had I agreed to do the survey it would have been a win for the interviewer, as they get paid for this, and a loss for me, as I gain nothing for the loss of 15 minutes of my life to a survey.

In nearly all cases the survey people, sales people and advertisements we encounter in life are parasitic, in which we lose and they gain from any interaction with them.  These parasites on our time, energy and money are at least junk we can do without, at worst toxic to our well-being.

The best relationships are the trading sort, where both sides bring something of value to the table, and both leave the relationship a winner.  The bee and flower in the image is a trade relationship, the bee gets the nectar and the flower gets pollinated.


27 responses to “Avoid the parasites

  1. In theory, yes. However, I’ve often said, after reading statistics or survey results, “No one asked ME!” I like having the option to answer or participate in a survey, especially in regard to a question or questions that may hold meaning for our lives in the present or future. I find it quite annoying to read a poll, for example, and wonder, “Who ARE these people?” 😀

    • Hi Seapunk2, if you gain from an interaction from such people then it is a WIN, if not then it is parasitic junk. In my opinion the results of surveys are questionable and open to subjective bias.

  2. Reblogged this on Wealthymatters and commented:
    Giving of your time, energy and money because you want to is good. Letting someone else push,trick or guilt you into giving is bad.

  3. Many internal parasites have become non malignant or even beneficial over time.

    That said, I hung up on telemarketers or say rude things to those who want my support of bloodshed.

  4. I never stop for these interviews, I have better things to do with my time, unless it’s to try a new coffee in the supermarket, that I consider a ‘win’ situation.


  5. I take the view these days of ‘what can I learn of what this person is an ‘expert’ of?’ and so I sometime stop and first ask what they are interviewing about. If it turns out to be parasitic, then I make my excuses and leave, otherwise I make it difficult for them (not intentionally) as I end up asking questions about the subject / product / where I will be able to find the results / etc.

    I say – never turn your back on an opportunity to learn something new… but don’t be afraid to turn away if you find it’s a pointless waste of time.

  6. very astute – will make me look at some things differently

  7. “In nearly all cases the survey people, sales people and advertisements we encounter in life are parasitic,”
    I’m just curious, as you said yourself you run a business, how you manage without sales and advertisements yourself?
    Ever thought about the fact that sales and survey people are actually doing something instead of lying drunk in the gutter. I’m not saying they are not a nuisance but there are always two sides to a story. True evil is not situated at the bottom of the pyramid.

  8. I am so relieved at the new laws restricting chuggers, too. I went through the city centre the other day and it was so less stressful not having to deal with people calling out to me, following me, horrble stuff. the market surveyors used to offer gift or store cards for doing their surveys, and I did quite well from them – that’ s not to bad. It is your choice and you get something out of it.

  9. I had never thought of bees and flowers as a trade relationship but you are quite right! Both benefit from each other 🙂

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  11. Where are you, AJ? Roaming the neighbourhood in a furry suit perhaps?

  12. Very wise and very true. The journey of life should be a series of partnerships.

  13. Reciprocity and mutual accountability evolved through communal living and conscious mentality are the natural evolution I hope we someday reach – cutting parasites from the scene!

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