Apple Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is remembered, wisdom is lived.

Bite the apple, taste the wisdom.

I was thinking recently how to define the difference between knowledge and wisdom, then I saw an apple tree and thought aha!

To the left is a juicy apple I recently picked off an apple tree.  To learn about apples I could read scientific journals, read books, look at the internet.  I could learn knowledge about apple names, the health benefits, the chemical compositions of apples, apple recipes and how apples grow.  All this is knowledge, but I still would have no idea what an apple was like until I had a sensory experience of the apple through the doing.

If I saw an apple, held it in my hand and took a bite from the apple, I would have a concrete sensory experience of the apple.  Through the doing of having a living experience with an apple I gain the wisdom to go with the knowledge.

I am soon to become a beekeeper.  I will study and gain knowledge about bees and beekeeping; though this knowledge will be useless until I convert it to wisdom through being a beekeeper with my own beehives.

I ate the above apple today, I tasted wisdom, and the apple was yum.


37 responses to “Apple Knowledge and Wisdom

  1. Perfect breakdown of the difference.

  2. [ Laughs ] Eating it was the practical thing to do and I have a feeling that it kept the doctor away!

    It is a pleasure to see you back on WordPress; even though I am about to log back out.

    May you stay well, Alex!

  3. Cheers to your new hobby!

    The apple is the perfect object to illustrate the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

  4. Love your post Alex. My Uncle Walter was a beekeeper – and there is nothing, I mean NOTHING as sweet as honey off the comb with a hot knife. (Here’s more on him here if you are interested:

  5. I feel that I have benefited from this post…and I want an apple now.

  6. Great analogy, but there is also information, another thing entirely and which seems to be confused with both. Beekepers are supposed to be the most long lived of the professions. Good luck with it.

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