Three photography tips

A good photo might capture a moment of action, tell a story or document the atmosphere of an event.

One of five Colchester Free Festival photos I entered into a competition.

The blogging experience for writer and reader is enhanced with photography in my opinion. My interest in photography started a few months ago when I wanted to add my own photographs rather than use those of others.  I am still a novice, but I have developed a passion for photography as much as I have done for blogging.

Last Saturday was the Colchester Free Festival, a day of music, art and fun.  They also ran a competition for the best photographs that captured the essence of the festival, which each photographer could enter five images.  A useful set of tips was created by a professional photographer, which I personally found useful.  The image to the left is one of my competition entries, an “action” photo, of one of the off-the-wall “Steam Punk” attractions called the Tankton Village Fete.

I admit total envy at the recent nature photography that will appear in the London History Museum from 19 October 2012 to 3 March 2013, which I shall make a point of seeing.

In my humble opinion here are three personal tips that make a good photograph:

Capture the action

Personally, I find anything posed to be artificial.  I prefer capturing targets in action: for example a bee flying into a flower; a robin singing; or the actors in the above photo inviting the unsuspecting public to come up to them before the shutter comes down “closed”.

Tell a story

The best photographs, such as the hundred that made it through from 40,000 entries to appear in the Natural History Museum display, are telling a story

Capture the atmosphere

At the Colchester Free Festival I was looking for photographs that captured the atmosphere of the event; you could look at the photograph and hopefully it would convey something of the feeling at the event without you having been there.


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  1. You come up with really good tips, way too helpful post!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!!

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