Back to Normal

Back to one post a day.

Back to normal business.

All the British children went back to school today.  This was a concrete reminder to me that Summer was over, and normality has returned.

I am now back blogging one post a day.  August was a month with plenty of gaps in my blogging, but being away means I hold to the view of leaving internet and cellphone behind.

From this Sunday the Dandelion Awards return.  I plan a web site in the next few weeks to cover subjects in greater detail that I can only briefly touch upon in my blogs here.

I have caught up with all my backlog of blogs to read.  Thanks again everyone for your likes, follows and comments; these are appreciated.


17 responses to “Back to Normal

  1. I missed your posts throughout August!! My university starts from September 24th, let’s see what it brings on my way! I am scared actually!!

  2. Nice petunias, and a busy bee also. Ah…..the dandelions, now that it is colder at night, they’re starting to bloom again.

  3. A ha!
    I look forward to your stimulating posts, and your comments on mine!
    (I wouldn’t say summer is over yet though. In recent years Sept has been the best weather!)

  4. [ Smiles ] Alex, it is wonderful to have you back.

    Let us hope that you have no internet interruptions and that you would be more than able to do your great posts on a daily basis.

    Good luck on your new website!

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