Being a source to others

Bring something useful to the table and others will come to you.

Bees and butterflies swarmed over the Butterfly Bush this butterfly is visiting.

I passed a Butterfly Bush this week and was amazed at the number of butterflies and bees that visited it.  I saw at least two kinds of butterfly, the largest bees I have seen all year, and many species of other bee all crowding around this one Butterfly Bush.

This Butterfly Bush provides an important lesson to all those that complain of being lonely, or getting no business; provide something of value and the people will come.  This Butterfly Bush had pollen and nectar to give, which the butterflies and bees liked, so they all started visiting and made it quite a party around this one Butterfly Bush.

Kudos to A Nature Mom, who finding no group that matched her interests, instead of giving up, or accepting second best, or complaining, went out and created a hiking group for mums.  The group satisfied a need, so lots of mothers joined to make a successful group, just like the Butterfly Bush attracted the bees and butterflies.


13 responses to “Being a source to others

  1. What a remarkable capture!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo of the butterfly, Alex! And a great analogy.

  3. There’s always a lesson from Mother Nature


  4. Hmmm, nice picture but ………………think that’s a Butterfly Bush, Alex. They’re flowering now, and butterflies and bees love them. Lilacs are out in the spring. Sometimes the butterflies will come and sit on your finger if you put it close to it while it is sitting on the flowers. Think they get a lttle drunk on those flowers!

  5. the Budleia was called the Blitz weed as it grew on so many bombed sites after the war. Out of the ruins came beauty ….

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