You cause world change

Take authority and responsibility from the politician to the self to change the world.

Political Rat

“Dear politicians, you fail, try better,” said a frustrated WordPress blogger today.  It is a universal truth that most politicians are natural failures, this will never change.

Whilst the individual pushes responsibility onto politicians to solve world problems, and waits on the politician to respond, nothing will happen.  The power to change the world rests with self, by changing our individual choices and actions.

There are four issues that make politicians failures:

1. Ego, power and money.   Their reasons are selfish, thus unless you have something to bribe or threaten them with, expect no changes.  The idealistic politicians are few, isolated and eventually eliminated.

2. Dogma. Mostly all politicians come to power because of their affiliation to a religion or political party.  Often dogma cancels out wisdom.  Most politicians are slaves to dogma.

3. Slavery.  Often a politician is enslaved to a special interest group, or individuals who bankroll and keep them in power.  They won’t go against the people who feed them.

4. The System.  However idealistic or good intentioned the politician is, they have to play to the system.  To get anywhere deals are often made with rivals and special interest groups to push through any decision.  The short-term of office means decisions are made for short-term gains rather than the long-term to stay elected.

The answer.

To change the world, forget about the politician.  Take back responsibility and authority from the politician and make the difference through taking choices and actions in your own life.  If enough people start taking power into their own hands, the power of the politician diminishes and they will follow the people like an obedient puppy.


8 responses to “You cause world change

  1. Unfortunately many politicians start off being quite earnest, but after a while they become immersed in the system of the political arena. This is when the money, power, ego, dogma, slavery, and the system sets in.

    Your answer is excellent, and there are groups of people who are doing just that, but the system is very iron clad. So, difficult to dent. Just try being an environmentalist, the politicians have made it a word to scorn.

  2. Most politicians are enslaved to the perceptions of the world. They must put on a show for the constituents, appease the lobbyists, and claimed allegiance to their party. Each is a wild horse ready to pull the politician apart.

  3. How true this is. I’d take it one step further, and say that the politician is a hindrance to freedom, that we can go without them.

    Just like the movie, “Bruce Almighty”. Be the difference!!

  4. This perception – that government is working for the few, not the many – is part of what fuels public hostility toward politicians and government in general. A 2000 survey found that over 60% of respondents cited the undue influence of special interests as a reason for not trusting government.

    • One only has to see the money that is flowing into the candidates of the US Presidential election to see the sort of special interest groups attempting to influence the outcome of the election and that will favour their special interests. Thanks for your comment.

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