In every action take into account impact on others.

Cycle art sculpture at Colchester Free Festival.

I was walking up one of the steepest hills in Colchester, the Balkerne Hill, which runs along side the 2000-year-old Roman wall.  At a blind turn on this hill I had a near miss with a cyclist speeding down the hill, who must have been thinking he was on a motor racing track.  The speed was such that at minimum I would be in hospital, and a large chance I would be dead from the impact.  I was more than annoyed, but he was gone before I could do anything.

I have had so many near misses in these last few years from cyclists, cars and mobility scooters (used by elderly and disabled), that it would send a shiver down your back.  Just one second, or a few steps out of alignment, I would have collided and been severely injured.

Too many cyclists ride on the pavement in Colchester, and they travel often at speed.  The baby boomer generation rapidly are taking over pavements with their mobility scooters, and too many mindlessly travel at speed.  For the pedestrian like me the pavement has become a dangerous jungle of predatory cyclists and mobility scooters hunting me down, it is safer to walk on the road.

Every action we take has consequences for us and others.  Be mindful how our activities impact others, we could do others or ourselves harm by them.  Be responsible.


7 responses to “Responsibility

  1. A slightly adapted version of this blog is going out as a letter to the local newspaper.

  2. [ Smiles ] I would recommend that someone should do a documentary that could sensitize people about the dangers of such recklessness.

    I am happy to know that you are okay.

  3. Your denouement, true.
    Here in NORTHERN California, there are bicycle lanes everywhere, and when a bicyclist is to go over a bridge, he/she pushes a signal button to stop traffic, just as pedestrians do for crossing streets.
    It’s bicycle friendly here, and many folks walk or use the public transit. For a city with less than 8000, including the prison population, we’re doing very well.
    When we moved here, we noticed how much slower people drive than in Southern California, and how considerate many drivers are. It’s not 100% perfect, but it’s not bad.
    I know of one woman who was riding a bicycle (when I lived in Massachusetts) and got slammed. She lost her knee.
    Most people are only thinking of one thing, themselves.

  4. I am going to drive more responsibly.. Thanks for the heads up.. I mean it.. 🙂

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