The Wisdom Pill Delusion

Wisdom comes from doing and experiencing.

Some think wisdom is instant like swallowing a magic pill.

Thousands of people probably have visited the Himalaya Mountains seeking a wise guru to teach them enlightenment, another word for wisdom. It could be that the guru is wise, but regardless of how many years the student sits and listens to the guru they will never be wise.

What the guru provides to the student is knowledge, but that is no wisdom.  Wisdom is neither earned through listening to words, or reading words in a book or blog.  Wisdom is no spectator sport, you have to participate to earn it.  The student must convert the knowledge into activity, through the doing and the sensory experiencing the knowledge becomes wisdom.

It is the delusion of modern society to obtain instant gratification by a lazy simple action that involves no effort, like swallowing a pill.  Swallow the pill equals instant wisdom the deluded think.  I am reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, when I finish reading this book I won’t be wise unless I do what is taught in the book.  Thinking that wisdom is instantly learned from a book or guru without the activity is like dressing a monkey in human clothing expecting it will be instantly human; all you get is a monkey dressed in human clothes.

With action comes change and conflict.  The deluded also think that the road to wisdom is pleasurable and easy; they find it is painful and hard; giving up, they become like spiritual butterflies fluttering from one path to another looking for the illusionary easy route.

Wisdom is earned through the doing and sensory experience.  Gurus and books are useful as guides only.  The road is hard and painful to be wise.


16 responses to “The Wisdom Pill Delusion

  1. Too true. Often I see people instantly assuming something cannot be done, or simply assuming it’s not the norm and therefore shouldn’t be attempted.

  2. It is another delusion that with age, wisdom comes automatically. Most elderly people i’ve met over the years are in fact not very wise about anything. Not to say that that there are no wise older people, but i’ve encountered younger people who have more insight than the elderly..

  3. “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” – Morpheus, in ‘The Matrix’

  4. I get so tire of people telling me to read some famous wise person, but ultimately it is your own path you must follow, as it is the one that works for you. cheers

  5. The problem with achieving enlightenment is; you need a lot of time to think! But according to today’s world, thinking is a useless activity cause it doesn’t pay nor fill your stomach or provide clothing and shelter.. So why would people think right? Ironically (I always get irony wrong), you have to leave your worries about these things to achieve enlightenment or in other words Nirvana..
    Sitting and utilizing your “precious” time for thinking about life and understanding it’s philosophies is not on most people’s agenda in life.. It’s stunning; we got a brain and instead of using it to think and expand; we use it for physical strain which leads to mental stress = no nirvana = an empty life..

    Great article btw.. 🙂

  6. Reading a book can provide the knowledge, but you are correct. We are little more than a library if we don’t put that knowledge into practice for our world and lives.

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