In despair turn to nature

In low points nature is a great healer.

Nature is a great healer.

I do despair at the human race. A bunch of extremists abuse the liberty of freedom of speech to insult the Muslim religion with a rubbish film; another bunch of extremists use the film to justify taking of life.  The extremists have done the equivalent of throwing a grenade into a gunpowder store.

Personally, what hit me hard, was a story today in the Daily Mail of a keeper of owls and hawks, who hit, kicked and tortured the terrified birds.  He had looked after the birds for 30 years, ran a charity animal refuge for them and claimed they were like children to him.  He was banned from keeping animals for life.

It is moments like this that I turn to nature, the great healer.


25 responses to “In despair turn to nature

  1. Nature indeed is a great healer – you have been teaching this through various posts on your blog-site!

  2. Hopefully, She (Nature) will see fit to continue entertaining our presence.

  3. Let Nature send the rains to wash away the doubts and re-energize the world once again. She is our hope for the future as always. Nice post.

  4. To benefit from the peace and sense of oneness with the natural world, one must be OPEN to it. I don’t believe that most human beings are open to it, and those that can be, don’t, often enough.
    I am no doomsayer. I hope that you understand when I say that though there are many human beings who are good and doing kind deeds and actions, the earth would be better off without us. For the small amount of good, the destructive nature of man seems never to end.
    It crushes me to know that human beings perpetrate such hate and disregard for so-called lesser beings. I’ve said it before and here, again – our humanity is measured by how we treat the lesser beings and our natural world. We are not doing a very good job.

    • Agree with Seapunk and the overall theme of this post. (By the way, where did the name ‘seapunk’ come from!)

      Carrying on Seapunk’s message, if humanity insists on abusing Nature, for want of a better word, in the end Nature will impose the consequences on us all.

    • I, too, fear we’re just a virus on legs and this blue planet would do well to be rid of us. I hope I’m wrong but fear I’m not.

      “Stay close to nature it will never fail you”. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

      Awesome comment, Seapunk2!

      Hope everyone had a great day! 💋

      • Thanks. Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote poignant. I must say, though, nature does ‘fail’ us at times. We, as humans are unable to control nature. We should only be taking what we need and leave the rest alone. And the taking can be as simple as ‘seeing’ and communing with her.

      • Yes, I think the species has monumental ‘control issues’. We can’t just leave things be and accept them for what they are. Always manipulating, trifling creatures that we are.

        I like to say there’s no such thing as bad weather — with the exception of disastrous events. It is what it is, experience it, adapt and accept it. If you can’t adapt then get the heck someplace you can. 😄 lol

        As spectacular as the Rainforest is I don’t think I could adapt to the humidity. So, I’ll just admire it from a distance, hey? Humidity just messes with my electronic hearing, anyway. 😊

        Hope you had a great day! 💋

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  6. A virus is a good way to put it. I usually think some sort of mold that’s choking out everything else. Or perhaps some sort of cancerous growth. Oh well, if Charles Hapgood was still alive, he would tell you we’re close to another earth crust displacement, That will take care of things. Not nicely mind you, but it will suffice to eradicate our over abundance. And, yes, it will certainly change the world.

  7. Horrible, the things people can do.

  8. Nature is a great healer so it is sad that so many humans abuse animals and the natural world. I feel if people could realise that living with nature rather than against it our lives would be much richer. Great post 🙂

    • I see that all things (nature) is interconnected, so what we do to others or to nature is what we do to ourselves. This is a question in philosophy that I have been considering over the last couple of days.

  9. wow, you really have been productive! Talk about tenacity!

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