Good to be back posting

Week spent reading 1000+ blog posts I follow.

Good to be back blogging.

On my return to blogging I had 1000+ awesome blog posts from all the WordPress blogs I follow to read.  I decided to read all those blog posts before I restarted blogging.

Over the last couple of days I unleashed a tsunami of comments and likes to all those great blogs that I have missed.  I learnt lots, and I was inspired by all the great talent, creativity and ideas of those bloggers.

During this period I was saddened to see inspiring blogs like OAK and restinginawareness gone.  Some bloggers had celebrated a new baby, others a new writing project that was cutting their activity back.  Others like Lead.Learn.Live celebrated their year anniversary in blogging; seapunk2 had won the accolade of being “pressed” by WordPress (featured on the home page); and others went into blogging overdrive as Renard has done.

I consider WordPress to be a great community of blogging talent; and now with no backlog, I look forward to proceeding once again with my daily blogs.


12 responses to “Good to be back posting

  1. Welcome back…from wherever you’ve been and thank you. Your enthusiasm for blogging and support for bloggers is quite humbling. 🙂

  2. Welcome back Alex. Good to have your back. Thank you for the thoughtful comments.

  3. Welcome back Alex, missed you. Thanks for your very generous comment about my latest piece. Love the picture, was it a real organ grinder? Or just pretend electric?

    • I took the photo at the Colchester Free Festival, an attraction in a zone of the festival based on an eccentric village fayre. I think it was a hybrid of something real and unreal, for people were often dancing to music coming out from it.

  4. Good to have you back. Finding the balance between living, reading, reflecting and sharing (blogging) is a true art.

  5. [ Smiles ] It is a pleasant sight to see more articles coming from you, Alex.

  6. Good to see you back. I knew you were back by the avalanche of likes and comments, thank you for all.


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