Regular blogging

No point starting a blog if you are unable to keep it updated.

I took the opportunity today to review all the blogs I follow.

I culled six blogs that were inactive three months or more.  We all have periods of inactivity due to real life, and occasionally my inactivity has extended to close to one month.  I think three months of inactivity is too long, and is enough of a period to consider a blog is dead.

Culling is important as it eliminates dead wood.  Blogs are a living ongoing activity with occasional periods of inactivity, but it is no point following blogs that stop having anything to write about.

I have offset the losses by following twelve active new blogs that I have found in recent days.


19 responses to “Regular blogging

  1. I am highly active on both my blogs.. take a look 😀
    weekly –
    daily –

  2. I agree with you Alex, that three months is too long not two write and though I don’t blog every day anymore, I still do. My drafts are piling up…
    However, I must disagree with your point of view, i.e., your title to this blog post. Sometimes we start something, and it doesn’t come out the way we had hoped or it fell short in our own eyes, in some way. A simple example would be making carrot cake. Perhaps no one really liked the result, not enough feedback, or no creativity to try another recipe.

  3. I can’t believe I wrote “two” instead of not “to” write. Shame on me.

  4. [ Smiles ] Alex, I am in full agreement with your concept.

  5. As a freshly new blogger I must say that one does not realize beforehand how much time it cost, keeping a blog.
    Therefor I try very hard to keep at it.
    but what goes for blogging also counts for websites.
    Most annoying of all are those websites which announce “page coming soon” or “under construction” and months later still nothing has been added 😉

  6. For me, keeping my blog updated is a matter of being organic about the whole process.

    As an artist, I am inspired by nearly everything I encounter as I am effected and affected by everything in the world (I mean, we are chaos fractals afterall. 🙂 ). I don’t plan too much and I usually post whatever it is I am working on (which is also an organic process). This way, keeping my blog updated feels like a fun part of the whole creative process rather than a burden to make sure I post everyday like clockwork (although, I try to post everyday, with no more than 2-3 days without a post). If I am not losing interest in what I do everyday anyway (even if I didn’t have a blog) then I am going to keep my blog up to date.

    I guess, for me, it’s just a matter of loving what you do. 🙂

  7. A clearut also helps remind you of what you are and have been followiing, to put it all into perspective. Very therapeutic if you have the time.

  8. I understand how you feel. I am guilty of periods of inactivity and cannot blame others who stop follwoing me

  9. I am catching up…I promise. 🙂 Great post on this one.

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