The coming of the storm

Mankind thinks he is the master of nature, a delusion nature regularly scorns.

A man-made 2000-year-old Roman wall in Colchester, but the flower is happy to hijack it for its own use.

Mankind suffers the delusion that he has mastered nature, that he can do with nature whatever he likes.  Nature is indifferent to the opinions of man, and smashes that delusion time and again.

There is a storm coming.  They call this storm “Frankenstorm” Sandy as it heads to the large populated regions of USA in time to unleash its trick (but no treat) in time for Halloween.  Three weather fronts have joined forces to promise a spectacular storm that will hit around Monday in the Northeast of the USA.

WordPress blogger TreeHugginVamp lives in the path of this storm, and tells in her latest blog that the birds have stopped singing, the squirrels and birds have fled for cover.  The local wildlife have voted with their feet that this storm is going to be vicious.

In their complacency the corporates and local authorities of the cities and towns of this part of the USA have underfunded and under-maintained their services, transport and utilities that the population take for granted.  All these facilities that the population depends upon will be hammered and paralysed.  The delusion of human control of nature will be revealed for what it is by this storm as an illusion.

One person who is under no illusion about who is boss, man or nature, is Nimue Brown of Druid Life in her latest blog post called Hearth and home who says:

“The luxuries we have are not as reliable as it may be tempting to imagine.”


22 responses to “The coming of the storm

  1. I live in Richmond thank you for your additional link to treehuggingvamp so I can get more a “Flying view” The earth has been speaking for a while now, warning us of these changes. I ponder on all this stuff all the time. The earth quakes last year and how they hit the continents at the same moment. The weird bangs and clangs in the sky hear all around the world. Change I believe is coming…. I just don’t “know what”. I remember the earthQuake, In richmond va, and How I just new it was just not really right. And when I researched it I had this feeling of despair, and that there is something connected to it. And i get this feeling sometimes, that I need to move, that I need to get going, seek the sea for some reason. I am an oddity. It may just be my love of the ocean. Sometimes those feelings are hard to interpret. Though I wonder what if, I am possibly seeing something, even One thing right. I don’t know. Something is not being told I think.

  2. Or possibly we are so uncollected we’re really not perceiving the whole you know?

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  4. Thanks for the mention. I just got back from taking some pics of the beach and ocean 5 blocks from my house. It is eerie out. I did, however hear and see some birds, which made me feel a little less hopeless. I will post a link to the Facebook album.

  5. My neck of the woods is referred to as the tail pipe of North America, we may or may not get hit directly, but we’ll probably get lots of rain and wind. Mother Nature is not happy with us, and she’s been showing us that in a big way. If the experts are correct, and likely they are, this is going to keep getting worse. It only takes one hurricane or tornado to show us how unimportant we really are. If we cannot control our population, Mother Nature will do it for us.

    • It is a large storm, and growing by the hour, so it may cover a large section of Canada as it passes on. You are right, the change in world weather conditions does appear to favour a trend of increasing extremes.

  6. [ Smiles ] If one looks back in history, they would discover that animals and insects are the first to fled the scene; this is what they do when danger is on its way.

  7. Brilliant. It is at times such as these that mankind comes to face to face with our illusions and delusions of grandeur. Here is where we remember that we are not the top of the pyramid, merely a part of the pyramid. We are the same as the insects, the trees, the birds, the beaches, the water, and we are as susceptible to planetary whims as anything else. We could learn from this vulnerability and embrace it, then we can be the most prepared.

    Great post, as usual.

  8. Nature is simply adamant to do what it wants, when it wants and how it wants. We are just like spectators and can only pray that we are not caught in its wrath!

  9. As I am experiencing the effects of Frankenstorm right now, I wonder how many faults in our infrastructure this will strip bare?

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