Hurricane Sandy : Strife is Justice

Adversity is the best teacher that nature provides.

Nature is a good teacher.

My feelings go out today to all those who have suffered loss and hardship as a result of Hurricane Sandy yesterday and over the coming days.

One famous observation of Heraclitus, who formed his philosophy from the observation of nature, is “Strife is Justice”.  Heraclitus says that destruction and conflict is a natural state of nature, it is through this strife that the universe moves, changes and evolves.  By justice Heraclitus means that through strife everything grows and becomes.

For everyone touched by the strife that Sandy unleashed there will be personal growth, wisdom and change.  Nature is the best teacher, and hardship is the best teaching nature can give.



12 responses to “Hurricane Sandy : Strife is Justice

  1. I agree with this. Sure, it’s easy to say all this when I’ve only experienced some high wind and rain… But I’ve known difficulty before. It can be hard to swallow, especially when you are a victim of strife, but it’s a fact that the world is continually creating and destroying. If we cannot learn to accept this and see the wonder of it, we will miss out on some very important lessons and even joy.

  2. Strife is Justice? Under the circumstances I find this a poor choice of words. Thousands of people are facing the flooding of their homes, their businesses, their towns, the collapse of their lives. People have died. The woman killed by a store sign in Toronto will have no personal growth from this. Heraclitus always was an ass.

    • I’ve never read Heraclitus and agree this is not the time to be talking about becoming stronger when so many innocent people face harm – power could be lost in some areas for months so freezing to death and starvation are real threats to the region. Stress can make us stronger, but it can also kill the less able, and communities can perhaps be measured by how well they care for the vulnerable.

    • Heraclitus was never much of a fan of the human race, but his observations of nature are accurate.

  3. Loved this post. Your words of nature being the best teacher in every aspect of life. And just how strife in nature brings teachings & growth, so does strife in your life itself. Beautiful writing. X

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  5. Sandy has turned out to be a horrible storm, but storms… as devastating to the ones involved, are a part of nature. My heart goes out to them, but Americans are most always very resilient and after the grieving stage, will begin to move forward again. I think what Heraclitus was trying to say is that we are ultimately a sum of our Life experiences… the good & the bad. It isn’t only storms that devastate people and change their behavior or life’s path. We all face some sort of strife in life (mine was getting cancer) but how we react to that shapes our future. It usually makes one really look at their priorities to see if they are in the correct order. We all learn from our mistakes and mishaps. Nice post I think, but then I’m not the one going through it at the moment. I do have friends in Jersey, but they are handling it the best they can. Oh, thanks for stopping by my Halloween blog… Can’t remember if I thanked you already or not. : )

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I reckon this is a bit of a brave post. If I’d lost everything – my roof, photographs, computer!! and so on, and you said that so glibly, that the hardship will teach me stuff, I don’t know: very difficult to believe/accept. You couldn’t help but rue, just rue it should happen to you.

    Yet, given I have been through a lot in my lifetime, I do know what you’re saying, & I love your take on it – talking via the old philosophers. That makes your words even more interesting. Great post

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