Good presentation wins support

Bad spelling wins no friends.

An e-mail to me today asked me to support a petition to free two bears from bad conditions in a zoo in Berlin.  The statement I was asked to sign was full of spelling errors.  I refused to sign this petition.  How can any decision maker about these bears take a petition seriously with spelling errors?

I have advertised a position for employment in my business.  Amongst the e-mails applying for the position were those with spelling errors, poor punctuation, and they never bothered to capitalise their sentences either.  They may as well have not bothered replying, for their failure to spell and present their application told me they cared nothing for me or the job they were applying for.  If they were too lazy to spell check or care about their presentation to me, they would by default treat my business and customers in the same way.  It would be suicidal to a business to employ people with this lazy and careless attitude.

Presentation is everything in life if you are trying to sell yourself, product or idea to a decision maker.  Poor presentation, such as bad spelling, tells the decision maker you have no interest or passion in them or in what you are selling to them.  A bad presentation is insulting and leaves a negative impression of the presenter in the mind of the decision maker.  Universally across the globe poor presentation will kill the credibility of the presenter and whatever they are selling to the decision maker.

It is bad to think that after ten years of modern education in the West people are unable to spell or present themselves.  People have become lazy, stupid and careless.  Such people I will never support, nor will I employ them.


21 responses to “Good presentation wins support

  1. While I absolutely agree with you about the employment emails, I have to take you to take over the petition; maybe the writer was German (seeing the subject was a Berlin zoo) and English not being their first language, spelling could well be a problem. Generally I agree the spelling of native speakers is atrocious.


    • I make allowances for foreign speakers, but it makes no sense to me that a German speaker, influencing a German decision maker is using an English language petition.

      It matters not what language is used, poor presentation won’t influence a decision maker.

      • Poor spelling is one of my pet hates too. I do understand that someone uses English in their petition… to give it an international spin. However there are enough Germans who speak flawless English, so a little bit of effort to find a proof-reader/editor wouldn’t have gone amiss, if it really was that bad.

      • Technology can also spell check at a touch of a button. It was lazy and careless to fail to spell check the petition, and undermined its impact. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Damn, looks like I’d never get a job with you… that second ‘take’ should be ‘task’


  3. Indeed, presentation is everything. Particularly in the case of people such as myself, who have never been very good at job interviews. I’ve always believed that a fit body says a lot about a person, as does proper clothing, which does not have to be expensive, just suitable. It’s the effort that counts at life, not the result. To try is everything. If a person does poorly or acts a little strangely in a job interview, it should not reflect poorly on them, as they are probably just very nervous, and I have always admired people who constantly push themselves into situations that cause considerable anxiety.

    • Those who seek employment have to jump over a few hurdles, sometimes against many rivals. The introduction with CV is the first stage in order to win a place in the interview, those that fail to present themselves in writing, for instance spelling errors, will be 90% likely to be rejected.

      I have been to plenty of interviews in my life too, and I have been nervous. Even when I am selling my business products and services to a potential customer, each of those are mini-interviews. I admire people who push themselves too. I take into account nerves when I interview.

  4. I’m with you on this Alex

  5. Teresa Silverthorn

    I’m even finding spelling errors in the newspaper now. I recall when a spelling error in a book, was so strange that you would almost consider it a collector’s item. It is frightening, when you consider that these bad spellers work in the medical care system – especially in pharmacy…

    • It is hard to justify spelling errors with information technology available to spell check, but it appears people have become more lazy and careless. In the medical system this careless attention to detail is a concern for if it follows through to physical patient care then harm or death is caused.

  6. [ Sighs ] Alex, this is a sad fact. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are unable to spell or write well and they fall short with their presentations.

    Nice article!

  7. I know what you mean. When I see something full of errors, I don’t even bother to read it. If it doesn’t mean enough to you to learn grammar or use the spellcheck function on your computer – why should I think it’s important enough to read?

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