Try new things

Learn, attempt and experience new activities in life.

The self grows through challenge and learning.

Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow. Do lots of new things each day.  Challenge yourself, push through limits, gain new knowledge.  The enemy of growth, anxiety, pain and self-doubt will be there, but push through those barriers to gain knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Yesterday, I attended a new farmers market in Colchester.  I gained useful connections in beekeeping and business.  I purchased my first ever oyster for which Colchester is famous since Roman times.  I purchased my first bee honey comb.  I know nothing about geology, but I attended a meeting of geologists. I learnt about amber, how to tell the difference between fake and real amber.  I learnt that diamonds can be smashed with a hammer contrary to widespread belief.

At my local art gallery they had an open day.  I roasted and ate marshmallows the first time ever.  New challenges of dancing to medieval music and stilt walking was on offer.  I met new people, gained new knowledge, experienced new activities yesterday; a day of personal growth.


8 responses to “Try new things

  1. [ Smiles ] Well done, Alex.

    Life is about growth!

  2. Good advice! About 2 weeks ago I committed myself to an early morning, high intensity kickboxing training program, everyday mon-fri, 6AM, and was quite nervous about doing it for many reasons, but instead of wasting time shopping around for a better deal, or thinking it over more fully, or doubting myself that I could go to bed early every night and wake up everyday at 5AM, I just dived into it. Quick decisions I feel are quite often the better course of action rather than endlessly thinking over something and not doing in the meantime. So far it is very intense and painful, but I must remain consistent, or a lot of money and time will be wasted.

  3. Yes, it is this continuous stream of newness that reminds us constantly that we are alive, that we are imbibed with quickness and vibrancy. It is, to me, the very epitome of humanity. One of a curious nature, I am always seeking for adventure (that newness) and am always willing to try new things…if only for having done them and what can be learnt (which is inevitable).

  4. I have discovered that more and more since I came to live in South America, which in itself was something new. I don’t get the opportunities now with city sedentary living that I used to. But I can share your enthusiasm for honeycomb, we used to get wild honeycombs from the trees in the Pantanal, honey like you’d never find in the supermarket.


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