Eliminating bad news

Cutting away a source of toxic negativity creates room for the positive in life.

Time to get positive by eliminating the negative.

Years ago I eliminated television; I gave away my television and never watched television again.  It was hard the first two weeks, I suddenly had tons of spare time to fill, and I had withdrawal symptoms.  This was a positive boost to my life.  My reason for kicking the toxic television was it fed my brain with toxic negativity, and was a drain on my energy and life.

It is now time to kick another toxic monster out of the door, the news media, which includes online news, newspapers and radio.  Overtime from studying history and the years of watching the news the same familiar patterns repeat, always with the same cause and result; I learn nothing new from all this, it is a depressing merry-go-round of the same errors which humanity fails to learn from.  The negativity is eating into my mind like acid.

So, it is goodbye media, no longer will I be reading online news, newspapers or listening to the radio.  If anything important is happening, like an asteroid is about to hit, I am sure I will hear about it from people on Twitter or WordPress, but I think I can live a life without the noise and negativity of the stupid.

I shall instead build my own personal information network on the issues that matter to me through things like blogs.  For instance I have an interest in bees, so all I have to do is connect with beekeepers; this repeats for every interest I have, business through to philosophy.  Life is too short to drown in negativity of others doing.


24 responses to “Eliminating bad news

  1. Love this. You write very wisely. X

  2. Wonder if I could kick it (the habit of watching TV). I’m with you on the news, increasingly dark.

  3. I have the same issue. Not so much with television, but internet, and i’m not sure what to do, as I feel that totally giving up the news means that I could miss something very important. At this point in time I have an incredibly large number of difficult tasks to perform, and a short time in which to do them. Getting the media out of my life, at least for a little while would probably benefit me greatly, but I am honestly just not sure how.

    • If you examine it like I have there is little needed content in the news to give your time to, and so elimination of this time stealer will give people some extra time for the important.

  4. goodluck with it and enjoy the bees

  5. [ Smiles ] I could understand the idea of kicking the television habit.

    Being a lover of music, there is no way that I am going to give up listening to the radio. As a matter of fact, I have a choice as to what I listen to. I don’t have to listen to news on the radio.

    I enjoyed your article, Alex.

  6. I haven’t watched TV for so long I can’t remember when it started. I’ve watched some shows on Netflix etc , but the programming stuff is gone. I don’t pay much heed to the media either for the same reasoning.

    There is much negativity with online media as well . I won’t completely cut myself off there, as there are gems to be gleamed. I just watch which pile of dirt to sift through, and try to verify the things that need verifying.

    Hooking up within various blog networks is a great idea.

  7. Bro, so true! I cut down all TV times, movie times…..Life is too precious, not to waste any minutes… Blend ourself with positivity activity which can benefit to others. May you be Happy and Well! Cheers!

  8. You are so right! I haven’t eliminated TV altogether, but we only have a home-made antenna that brings us a few local channels; though when the cable guy came to uninstall our cable, he didn’t believe that we would last without it – it’s been about seven years and none of us really misses it. I rarely turn the thing on, but I wish I could just get rid of it altogether, too; as about the news, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has no interest in it. You have so much more time for things that matter! Enjoy!

  9. I can do without TV, but still love to read my weekly newspaper. It gives me indepth commentary on many issuesI haven’t even thought of. I like to discover new things. But I agree with you, the normal news that thrive on attention grabbing negativity… forget about them.

    • I have taken a hard line, which even extends to no longer reading my local community newspaper. Instead, I look for alternatives such as community blogs, twitter and websites, which can tell me anything useful that I need to know.

      • Yes, I don’t read the community newspaper either. The only paper I read intensively is a liberal weekly that has a lot of well researched and in-depth pieces. I find that most of the newspapers now just publish what they think the reader might want to hear. This attention grabbing style is really sad, and I totally agree with you, it doesn’t get you anywhere.

      • A lot of what newspapers write articles that tend to be biased, sensationalised and inaccurate. If your information source is none of these things thats good. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Well said and well put. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen television. I don’t miss it.

  11. This was great! I feel like we have the exact same views on this. I stopped watched TV around 4 years ago, and people always ask me, “What if something really important happens and you never hear about it?” I reply “If anything is actually that important, I’ll hear about it other ways.” Hurricane Sandy is the perfect example…I found out about that through word of mouth. I even found out about the election through word of mouth (and Facebook). Twitter and WordPress are a great source too, and they don’t have all the commercials and negativity that the TV provides.

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