Ponderings 1 : We are Music

“The music is all around us..all you have to do..is listen.”

Humanity is the manifestation of code, we are music.

Mozart scratches marks on paper; he calls these marks musical notes, but all I see is marks on a paper.  It is a code for something, Mozart says it is a musical score; to me it is meaningless scratches on a paper.  An orchestra assembles, who reads these scratches, and now they manifest as something in my ears, it is a song, it is music.

In my body are cells.  In my cells is DNA.  The DNA are simple constructions of four types of molecule, the biologist gives letters to: G, A, T, C.  It is a funny thing, Mozart gives letters to his musical score: A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  These molecules are meaningless blobs on a chain.  I remember marks on a paper that Mozart called musical notes.

These blobs, this DNA later turns into a human being.  It is a funny thing, I am that human being.  I think of the scratches on a paper that became manifested as music; am I the manifestation of code as music?


5 responses to “Ponderings 1 : We are Music

  1. In a word: incredible (also thank you for the introduction to what looks like a good movie. The film is about someone named Jack Dawson, it seems, and in the related videos there is a video of the real Jack Dawson playing guitar. Definitely worth the watch).

    Indeed, music is all around us. Music is not only heard by way of musical notes (or scratches, 🙂 ) or through instrument, music is in the trees, in the wind, in the vibration of the ground, in the sky within a bird’s wing. . . all around us.

    • Well spoken. Music is a pattern, and as we see everything around us are patterns, and manifestations of patterns. I will check out the film “Incredible”. Thanks for a great comment.

  2. Very awesome – glad you found my site and now I have found yours!

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