Play is universal

All mammals learn and grow through play.

Play crosses the boundaries of species, it is a universal language of mammals. Enjoy the video:


22 responses to “Play is universal

  1. wow. unbelievable. Really cool Alex.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Beautiful! Oh, I love to see nature like that, I do, I do.

    I am afraid of dogs BECAUSE of their unpredictability (that they suddenly growl & tear toddlers apart – such a case happened only last year in Australia), but I recognise that when nature is intuitive with nature, it is so stunningly beautiful. This was just beautiful – the bears too of course, so big, and holding the dog so trusting. Awesome.


  3. The divine play… 🙂

  4. Indeed, play IS universal.

    This is how I see humans and animals co-existing; it is possible. If you think about the lion, Christian, that was raised by humans and even after release into the wild remembered his human caretaker and hugged him much the same as the polar bear embraced the husky. Animals have an incredible sense ability for enemy and ally or good and bad, they know when and whom to trust and with whom they can expose vulnerabilities. Animals have amazing minds and consciousness.

  5. I know I feel horrible about the animals in zoo’s. It may be a way to show our children the animals and learn from them. But i’d always secretly day dream about setting them all free. I can barely think to go into a pet-smart or place. I always want to just break the glasses and cages. Secretly in my mind anyways.

    • It is awful that animals are restricted behind walls and cages not being able to express their natures fully. Better in my opinion to be dead than unable to express my nature.

  6. Right on! Thanks for the video.

  7. Enjoyed seeing the polar bears acting like dogs, it even looked like they were hugging each other! Thanks for this.m

  8. It is fascinating yet it is simple. Animals can follow rules and break them. I wonder though, do they have other thoughts and feelings like humans too? For example jealousy or envy even? Thanks I enjoyed that video!

  9. Dear friend, i have nominated you for the Blog Of The Year 2012. See for the rules of that award: Love, Maarit-Johanna

  10. Nature is amazing. I’ve seen this video before and I love how it shows the capacity for social intelligence and empathy in wild animals. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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