Ponderings 3: End of the World

This Winter Solstice is met with joy but also with a warning.

Climate change and humanity is colliding. .

Climate change and humanity is colliding.

Today is the Winter Solstice, a day of happy celebration for me as it marks the start of lighter and warmer days to come.  It is two hours into the Winter Solstice in the UK as I write this blog, the world has not ended.

Yesterday I was soaked in Colchester as a wall of rain flooded Britain yet again, many people spending Christmas away from flooded homes. No end of the world, but a warning all the same, of troubles ahead.

Climate change, global warming, it is claimed is the fault of humanity. The experts sweat buckets over a centimetre rise in sea levels, the odd half degree rise Celsius, the slight % increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; in the past it has been hotter, there has been more CO2 in the atmosphere, and sea levels have been higher.  The climate of the earth moves in long, medium and short cycles between cold and hot periods. Our last ice age ended 10,000 years ago, we now exist in a warm period called the Holocene, with the pendulum moving to warmer periods still.  It amazes me scientists ignore the obvious that climate is moving in a direction it has been going towards for thousands of years, and blame this on humanity.  Thus I say that climate change is natural, but humanity has assisted in exaggerating its impact.

In my opinion, since climate is happily travelling in a direction of its own making, rather than that of humanity, there is nothing we can do about it, even if we wanted to.  At the same time, political decision makers are too corrupt and egotistical to act, and the majority of humanity too stupid and selfish to act either.  We are all in for a ride on a roller-coaster into troubled waters.

The warm Gulf Stream and other factors is melting the ice in the North Pole, thus sending fresh cold water into the oceans; this causes a domino-effect on the ocean and air currents; everything moves out of alignment and so you get an environmental mess.  There are four fast-moving streams of air such as the Jet Stream circling the earth, which have moved out of alignment; on one side of each stream they stop rain being produced, thus you get droughts if the stream does not change position; and on the other side  they dump rain in vast quantities, thus floods.  From Iceland, to Mexico to Argentina there are droughts; from UK to Pakistan to Nigeria there are floods.  The South Pole is gaining ice; snow is falling in Brazil, South Africa and Australia; backed by extreme cold; the Sahara Desert is greening, the Brazilian rain forest is being destroyed by droughts.

Rather than adapting to these changes in climate humanity is being amazingly dumb, doing nothing, making no plans.  The extremes of weather have destroyed food harvests world-wide.  There is a world-wide food crisis.  In ancient times whole populations of hunter-gatherers moved when climate change started hurting them, now populations are unable to do this; everyone in Argentina cannot move and live in USA.  Food crisis was a significant factor behind the Arab Spring; food crisis causes civil strife, which panics leaderships; this may end up in a civil war like in Syria; the rise of extremism (Golden Dawn) as in Greece; the break up of nations as independence movements grow, such as in UK (Scotland) and Spain (Catalonia); or nations using the tried and tested tactic of taking minds off domestic problems by starting foreign wars such as UK with Libya and Israel with Gaza.

In Britain I have seen food staples such as eggs, milk and bread rise significantly in price during 2012; in fact all foods have increased in price.  The supermarkets struggling to keep prices down have been treating UK farmers badly so the farmers have been going bankrupt, committed suicide or started treating their animals cruelly to survive.  The floods have destroyed the crops used for animal feed, so British farmers have been slaughtering sheep, cow, pigs, horses, ponies and poultry because they are unable to afford the animal feed.  Pet food has shot up in price, so pets such as dogs and cats are being increasingly abandoned or destroyed.

Climate change has caused the emergence of various diseases, supported by human activities, that are devastating the food pollinators such as bees.  Sheep in UK are suffering a widespread disease causing lambs to be stillborn.  Parasitic diseases are killing Britain’s oak trees, horse chestnuts and ash trees.

The UK rain during 2012 kept the bees in their hives, and many bees starved to death.  The rains interfered with a critical period of pollination of UK blossoming fruit trees since the bees stayed in their hives, thus cherry, plum and apple fruits were either devastated or poor in 2012.

The destruction of food sources in Britain was repeated across the globe in 2012.  The warning as I celebrate this Winter Solstice is that if 2012 repeats again in 2013, and 2014 then humanity will be looking into the abyss.


10 responses to “Ponderings 3: End of the World

  1. Absolutely true. We are heading into a new glacial period, how quickly I have no idea, but man’s impact may/may not have exacerbated the change. Everybody is running around like the proverbial farmyard chicken sans head worried about how it can be stopped; wrong thinking, we should be pouring resources into how we can survive.


    • Another wall of rain hit UK today (Saturday), more flooding and it is heavy rain all day in my town of Colchester.

      You are right we need to change with climate change rather than bury our heads in the sand, or follow the illusion that we can control it.

  2. while there are plenty of serious things to cat our eyes on, this is near undeniable..things are going to change and soon.

    man has always tried to elevate his importance in the universe..even to the point of claiming climate change as its baby.

  3. The speed of ocean acidification is particularly worrying and I don’t think can be attributed to natural causes. The rate at which human beings are accelerating such processes is a big deal and likely to cause more extreme weather conditions for further generations to come. There are consequences to paving the world over with concrete and belching out noxious gases everywhere.

  4. I’ve always thought that the “Law and Order” we have subjected ourselves to, will be a huge cause of our extinction and your post supports my theory.. Since Man has established political borders, he cannot migrate to better food sources without a passport and visa.. People hit by drought cannot easily relocate to greener pastures.. Hats off to wisdom and intelligence! On the other hand, the birds, insects and animals are not bound by such stupidity, their chance of survival is much higher than ours.. I am beginning to think now..

    Great post Alex!

    • Thanks ROAS. Large population growth has a part to play in our inability to move around too. 2000 years ago world population is measured in millions, now we measure it in billions, and rapidly rising.

  5. Oh yeah.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I am a Hindu and Christmas is not our thing, but I love the Red and Green theme of Christmas and the story that goes with it; and You celebrate it so Merry Christmas to you and your family Alex!

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