Keeping things in perspective

There are people worse off than you.

One animal loves the constant rain as it reclaims control of the flooded roads of Britain.

One animal loves the constant rain as it reclaims control of the flooded roads of Britain.

My stoical tolerance is turning to irritated frustration in recent days.  Rain, floods, more rain, more floods.  If half the world was wondering where the rain has gone as they suffer ongoing drought, I would like to let you know it is on holiday in Britain.

It is becoming a frequent sight to see images on Twitter of ducks or swans floating down the high street of a flooded town or village in the UK.  Rain on a given day is starting to become a normal day, as opposed to clear blue skies.  It is relentless, heavy rain all day, followed if lucky by one non-rain day, followed by more rain.  Britain is under siege from water, we are drowning in the stuff.  India eat your heart out, we can soon claim to have our own Monsoon season – all year round.

This constant rain is starting to impact into my business, which is why I am getting annoyed.  This is the moment when I need to put things into perspective.  Down in Cornwall, to the west of Britain, a pub called the Ship has metaphorically sunk as a business, for the business owner has been flooded a record twelve times in four months, he has quit trading.  Around Britain rivers have burst their banks, destroying homes, and taking lives.  Around the rest of the world, weather has done far worse, devastating entire communities through drought and storm.

It is at moments of personal distress, one should take an objective assessment that circumstances can be far worse for others than for the self, and then do the best you can to adapt to changing situations.  This is what I am being forced to do.


11 responses to “Keeping things in perspective

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t complain about my beer boiling in the bottle, at lest it’s selling. In fact, I was about to buy some more when I saw your post arrive.


  2. Sorry to hear it is still raining there. Been a long wet year. Had lots of rain this fall but now we are well enough east that we are only receiving a small amount of the snow which seems to be burying the rest of North America. So far, so good this winter. That could change any day now, if the wind turns in the right direction.

  3. Global warming means drought in some places and torrents in others. We’re having weeks and weeks of rain and storms here in PNW, but nothing like what you describe. It’s got to be terribly frustrating.

  4. You had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions with this post Alex. Smiling, laughing (monsoon) and then reflective. Let’s hope for sunny days in UK. Best, Dave

  5. No such pretty swan swam in any monsoonal puddle I ever saw,Cheer up Alex,This too shall pass.

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