The global realignment

Backed by traumatic events and a new generation of thinkers big global change is coming.

In Chaos Theory one flap of a butterfly can have great consequences.

In Chaos Theory one flap of a butterfly wings can have great consequences.

The 21st Dec 2012 was noted for false predictions of end of the world, but also as a sign post of a global change by new age thinkers, described in such terms as a change in cosmic consciousness or a rise to new energy level.  Though debatable that many new age thinkers understand what they are talking about, when converted into ordinary terms of a global change in ideas and attitudes it makes more sense.

As hard and gloomy as some of my blog posts on the future of humanity has been, I thought it time to offer good news as to where we are heading.  I shall call this the global realignment.  Few will disagree that the current activities and ideas of humanity in relation to the environment is unsustainable and points to our self-destruction.  History also shows that whenever a crisis occurs traumatic events and the ideas of new thinkers causes a paradigm shift in attitudes and thinking.

Contrary to the fantasy of many people, there will be no celestial champion on a white horse riding forward to save humanity from itself.  The change will come from a series of traumatic events and individual thinkers which will plant the seeds of change, which will ripple forward as a tsunami of changes of ideas and attitudes on a global scale.

A butterfly flaps its wings once in Spain, setting off a storm that destroys the entire crops of the USA.  In Chaos Theory, small changes or events lead to great outcomes later on. Such a butterfly was a young man called Muhammad Al Bouazizi, who became self-employed as a fruit seller in Tunisia.  A corrupt police officer seized the goods of Bouazizi, who then committed suicide.  A small event, one insignificant man, large consequences, the Arab Spring.

Murder-suicides in USA and rapes of women in India are common events, but two events in December 2012 was marked out as significant, a school massacre of children in the USA and the rape of a woman on a bus in India.  At the time of writing people do not yet realise how significant those events are, small ripples, large consequences.  Such events change history, seeds are planted which grow in significance later on, just as a flap of our crop destroying butterfly.

Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics is the product of numerous thinkers that is going to destroy the foundations of how people approach science, and thus all forms of thinking.  Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics throw a spanner in the works of linear thinking, deterministic thinking and the illusion of control.  A single cell in the human body never works in a linear way, it works in a system that is variable, never deterministic.  Since the human body has many variables, it is a chaotic system, and since control requires a deterministic system, control is an illusion.  Nothing outside of human invention is linear, deterministic or controllable.  New attitudes and ideas will come forth to catch up with this new reality.

In summary then, what I call the global realignment is a change in attitudes and ideas brought on by individual events and thinkers.  A global realignment on the back of one flap of a butterfly wings.


7 responses to “The global realignment

  1. I like to think 2013 is going to be a time of positive change – just have this feeling that 13 is a good number and next year will bring good fortune on personal, local, national and global scales. I had a feeling of great positivity on 21st December, suppose wait and see, but that must have been one mighty flap of a butterfly’s wings! Happy New Year, Alex! x

  2. I grok you..

    And here I watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still” the other day.. 🙂

    It is so difficult to balance that joyous optimism with unleaded, objective pessimism..he he

  3. “the global realignment”. respect to you sir. This is what is happening. Not all would readily acknowledge . But I do believe the alignments are changing. For this is what life is all about. Alignments change and something new begins.

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