The authority of women

It would benefit everyone for a return back to a matriarchal society.

Women should be allowed to express themselves with no restriction.

Women should be allowed to express themselves with no restriction.

Dig down within the ancient Roman walls of my town of Colchester you will reach a layer of ash, a legacy of the destruction of my town for the rape of females, daughters of the Iceni Queen Boudica.  London was also destroyed and Rome nearly lost control of Britain for the rape of two women.


In India there is currently great anger at the treatment of a woman who died after being raped by six men on a public bus.  The rape brought to the surface the whole question of how women are being treated in India.

The oppression of women

For reasons I can only guess at the transition from hunter gatherer to civilisation swung society away from a matriarchal to a patriarchal one, where women lost their previous standing to become property of men with limited rights, worse, seen as an evil influence to be forcefully oppressed.   As humanity moves into the new year of 2013 gender roles are confused, there is a raging war of the sexes, and many women remain oppressed at the same level as those of Athens when Plato was alive and breathing.  One of the great crimes of civilisation is how it has treated women.

Matriarchal system

The ancient Celts and Basques are to my knowledge the only indigenous people who successfully transitioned from hunter gatherer to civilisation with their matriarchal system intact.  The philosophy of hunter gatherers, that reaches back to the dawn of human history, is what colours my world view.  I am clear in my head on the roles of men and women, the place of women in society.

Women are the supreme authority

Women are the supreme authority, their role is provider and protector.  The highest power in the universe is entropy.  Entropy gave birth to the universe, and it will devour the universe at its ending.  Entropy is female in nature for its association to birth, life and death. The masculine side of the universe is the child of entropy, and is the second highest authority. The female side of the universe is potential, it is hidden and fertile.  The masculine side of the universe is kinetic, it reveals what is hidden, creating matter from nothingness.  Standing side by side as husband and wife in certain Celtic stories such as in the story of Bran and the cauldron, the female is vast in size, her husband notable by the smallness of his size in comparison.  Amongst the Celts the female is associated with the moon, land and water; the male with the sun, forest and fire.

Gender roles in the Celtic Tradition

The Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi defines the relationship and roles of the two genders  in the story of Math Son of Mathonwy.  The image of the king using his wife as a footstool symbolises kingship and land, the woman is symbolic of the land, being a footstool she gives the king his strength.  With the footstool gone the king loses his strength and kingdom. Like in the story of King Arthur if the king mistreated or ignores the land, it will undermine and destroy him; symbolic of Queen Guinevere running off with Sir Lancelot.  The King Arthur of history instead of serving as champion and steward of the will of the land, was arrogant, drunk on his own glory, a tyrant; the fall of Arthur and Camelot was fated as soon as the land turned on him.  In Math Son of Mathonwy the man is nothing until his mother gives him his name, a sword and a wife.

Potential and kinetic energy in gender roles

The female aspect of the universe is like potential energy, vital and motivating, but lacking expression.  The masculine aspect of the universe gives the potential its voice, manifests the potential as kinetic energy; matter comes into being, and forms are revealed.  The female and male aspects work as a team, each dependent upon the other, one that provides, and one that manifests energy. It is therefore a nonsense that the kinetic male aspect is enslaving women, when its role is supposed to be liberator putting potential energy into motion.

Man is champion in that he manifests potential energy into kinetic energy.  Women have the potential to create a child, but a man is needed to set the process in motion.  The man has no need to interfere or control the process of the creation of a child, just introduce the fire, and the will of the woman will bring forth the child.  The female process in creating the child is the same across everything in the universe, the potential, the will to action, already knows what to do and what it wants, all man has to do is act as champion and steward to assist in manifesting the potential as activity.

The Celtic Bran said of the role of man “let him who be chief be a bridge to his people”, in simple terms the man acts as a bridge through which energy flows to manifest as matter and form. If the man instead oppresses woman, acting as jailer rather than liberator, he may as well cease to exist.  When energy is restricted entropy results.  What the Celts call the Wasteland is when the land is sick, in decay, barren, in despair, weak and dying.  When women are oppressed the people as a whole become physically and mentally sick.  With the Wasteland economic, political systems fail, society collapses.

The liberated woman

In ancient Celtic society women sat at the heart of that society, respected and honoured.  Women had few restrictions, they could be ruler, warrior and priest.

Returning to the subject of women and my town of Colchester, a few streets away from me used to live a woman called Margaret Thatcher.  Mrs Thatcher was the only woman so far to become Prime Minister of Britain.  Mrs Thatcher was a strong leader, who people either loved or hated; she broke the back of the militant unions, shaped a generation of children called “Thatchers Children”; defeated and brought down the Argentina dictatorship during the Falklands War; led Britain from ruin to an era of prosperity; faced down and saw the end of Communism where she earned the nickname the “Iron Lady”.

As the world plunges ever faster down the path of no return, one of the key needs for human survival is to redefine the role of women in human society by swinging the pendulum back to the matriarchal society of our ancestors.


30 responses to “The authority of women

  1. Important topic and post. Thanks Alex.

  2. Even the Roman church was matriarchal until Pope Constantino destroyed it in the 3rd century sending ripples through mankind ever since. Much, I might add, to our detriment. I post Maxine cartoons each Monday, in a recent one she muses “Why would we want a woman president, unless for some reason we wanted the country to run properly.”


  3. I still can’t get over the refusal to appoint women bishops!

    • Nor can I, since it was a woman who brought Christianity to Britain called St Helena. This saint was the mother of Constantine the Great and has a close connection to my town of Colchester.

  4. I’m not sure I concede authority to gender or accept that Thatcher was a woman :), but you are 100% accurate about the patriarchal bias that pervades society. As far as India is concerned what I have heard from several people close to me is that on the public buses people ignore bullying women (or eve teasing as it is called there) and actually advise the victims to do the same. Point is the guys doing at are thug like and people are afraid. This is the number one problem with civilization: it makes it difficult to retaliate for fear of both getting injured physically or emotionally and looking uncivilized. Worse still, India is exceedingly corrupt (and this is slowly seeping into the first world as well) and it’s easy to get away with this kind of thing with political clout or cash. Personally, I have ceased to trust government and would prefer it if all had inner mettle to deal with chaos if need be instead of taking shit like this in the name of law and order. Okay, that’s a strong statement but it’s just how I feel. Guess what, it starts with women but once people like this get habituated with this sort of behavior (and even rewarded, because people start to fear them and cower in servility) it’s only a matter of time before they get to whatever or whoever is next in line.

    • It is a regrettable situation that exists in India, and I hope that the women there make the much needed stand to change the situation they have allowed themselves to slip into.

      • Well, the problem with women is that they’re survival conscious i.e. they sort of do what it takes to keep life going in many ways, so when it comes to pulling themselves out of this, they’re going to have to set some of that aside or we’ll have to wait for some large scale, relatively continuous atrocity to push them in the direction where risking survival is worthwhile.

      • Perhaps “survival conscious” is not the best choice of words. It’s probably best to say that they are mostly terribly drawn to nurturing life.

      • I think a lot of the problem is to do with cultural conditioning, in that men and women are conditioned from childhood to accept certain attitudes and behaviours that ultimately places women at a disadvantage. It is when the contempt for women is expressed in a horrific rape-murder that the cultural conditioning is broken and a new state of awareness emerges for a change of situation.

    • Thedarkclear India is a pretty big place and has many different communities and their treatment of women and the place women occupy in society is different.There are many places where eve-teasers are likely to face summary justice on the street.In other places you will have a long hard search to find any incident of gender abuse.And if time permits do take bus rides round India and observe its women.You might surprise yourself!Perhaps you yourself will understand how you and ordinary people like you contribute to the biases.

      • I’m talking mostly about the cities both North and South. Summary justice is something I have not seen so far. Summary injustice mostly.

      • Delhi is bad.Drivers, conductors and other passengers are not likely to intervene.They will pretend not to notice even if you object or ask for assistance,But I have found that rudely asking a would be molester to not crowd you is the best defense. Delhi is all about exerting personal power.In Chennai you can appeal to the conductor and expect assistance.Often other passengers will offer you a seat at their expense so that you are not likely to be hassled.In smaller towns of TN do not expect conductors to be so helpful,They are unlikely to intervene but I have found local people to be helpful.In Mumbai, older and permanently employed BEST conductors in the island city are likely to intervene forcefully.I have personally seen them dish out a few slaps and offload obnoxious passengers and they get good support from other passengers. The newer conductors on daily wages are unlikely to interfere and by insisting you have a 50:50 chance of redress.Outside the island city things get bad,In places like Thakur Village any woman irrespective of age,status fair game.Forget me,even my mom, a senior citizen is unlikely to be spared.The culture is similar to that of the migrants’ small town and village culture with none of its checks and balances,In such places what prevails is swift use of your fighting limbs.BEST buses carry CCTV cameras to supposedly help if women go to complain.I have never used the service. My thinking is that such men wish to scare me of the roads and public places.They might have nothing better to do with their time but I value mine. Why let them waste mine?A swift elbow or kick where it hurts is justice enough!And I know lots of woman who have pins handy for the purpose.

      • For summary justice you need to see the permanently employed conductors of BEST in places like Parel. I have seen conductors slap around obnoxious passengers and offload them with passengers offering good support.
        In Delhi the situation is as you speak about and in TN conductors are often unhelpful and unwilling to intervene.But passengers will often offer a seat to help you avoid the jerks,Some conductors also make it a point to seat women in the front seats to avoid incidents.

  5. India is undergoing massive change.The economy is putting money and options into new hands.People who feel threatened in the new order are looking for scapegoats to vent their frustrations.The victim and the perpetrators are not that far in social origin.In fact in the old order the perpetrators would have automatically had the better position.Their sense of entitlement thwarted,they lashed out however they could.Her modern education,job prospects,westernized clothes and greater social freedom enraged some losers and in a pack they felt braver.They were aided by the isolation they could manage,

  6. Arrgh! So many parts of me are saying ‘Don’t put this reply’ but my mind is saying ‘Yes, he’s right. Women are the lead for us men to follow’.
    The masculinity within me baulks at this idea, and it is probably this part of male nature that brought about the change so many thousands of years ago. And because we are more able to physically dominate women, we took advantage of that male attribute.

    You are right… and I hate to admit it…

  7. There was a matriarchal society in Sumatra I think, unusual for being moslem also where men really were subservient.

    • Wow, thanks for this bit of information.

    • They are the Minangkabau tribe who are born into the Muslim faith, but are mostly unaware of many of the technical aspects of that faith. They practice as their parents practice and as a matriarchal society, take most of their cues from the females. They live in close contact with others who are used to or are part of a patriarchal society and are aware of the threat that poses to them and their way of life, but carry on as they always have and for the most part, they live in peace. The links provided only touch the tip of the tribe and documentation of its history. I believe there was a documentary done on this tribe dealing with how they mate and raise children done by National Geographic, but I can’t be certain. Whatever it was I watched on a matriarchal society was a long time ago and my memory isn’t anywhere near what it used to be.

      • I have done a bit of research on them today. I am impressed, especially how they manage to incorporate the Muslim faith into their matriarchal society.

    • Here is a good overview of the Minangkabau in documentary form with the words of women within that tribe as well as a female outsider brought up in the customary Islamic patriarcy – not the one I saw before, but it will do.

  8. It would seem that serving God would be enough to preclude worries about who has the seat of power in that service or manipulating one another to gain such power thinking that a God wouldn’t notice the treachery. I turned in my totem decades ago for a belief system that each man owns his own life and that the highest moral value one can demonstrate is the ability to make use of whatever time is available fully, productively and morally committed to pursuing happiness for others and accepting that others have the same right and moral responsibility. Under this system there is no need for a God or for treachery – power is assigned by all of the people to a small few to assure that no individual’s natural rights are impinged upon by another, be it male, female, white, black, yellow, red, religious or atheist, etc without the use of authorized force to punish violators. Each to his or her own abilities and each to his or her own life choices. But, what do I know having never seen a God, heard on speak, or witnessed it writing with a fiery finger onto a tablet of stone. At my level, all any country needs where voting truly counts is for the citizens to vote more females in to gain a matriarchal society or more males for a patriarchy . On a personal not, I rather prefer the concept of everyone being equal in opportunities and successful in according to ability and commitment to succeed in building a dream.

    It’s an interesting discussion – just about as important as the discussion started by Georgetown Law professor Louis Michael Seidman’s suggestion to ditch the United States Constitution on the basis that it is too difficult to comply with and so it is often “gotten around” by manipulations and work around strategies that ignore the language in order to get to ends without a moral evaluation of the means. For instance, some say that it took an amendment to “work around” slavery before they could gain freedom. Quite the contrary. All it took was a dictionary evaluation of the word, all, as in “All men are created equal and endowed by their creators with certain unalienable rights…” All it would have taken having sorted out the meaning of the word all would have been for church and religious leaders to call the selective definition of all and men to mean everyone, men, women, everyone of the human species. Instead of using a dictionary and pointing out how by selective interpretation of who was intended to benefit by the gift of “Nature’s God” or the “God of Nature” those engaged in denying any man made by God [Who made the black man?].was heresy and an abomination in the eyes of God, they chose, instead, to close their eyes for political and economic bigotry and reasoning of convenience while continuing their pretentious “worship” of a giving God they had little qualm insulting.

    Time to return to my day job and pursue my happiness while doing all I can to assure that others have the same opportunity to pursue their own. Cheers! Happy New Years.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for your erudite and thoughtful comment. If there was one important lesson that all religions have in common, it is to treat others how you would like to be treated, and thus by that one lesson all are treated equally.

  9. Correction: para one: committed to pursuing happiness for oneself and accepting….

  10. A big post for you Alex, but seems appropriate..I’m not sure if I agree about matriarchy..but a great post nonetheless

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