New year, new direction

The key word for 2013 is “sustainability”.

The future of this planet and the children that will come is in your hands.

The future of this planet and the children that will come is in your hands.

On the eve of a new year many bloggers review and make changes to their blogs to reflect their new goals or situation.


Having started blogging on WordPress in late 2011, the year 2012 was my first full blogging year here.  Starting 2012 with ten followers I have become part of an awesome blogging community together with 466 followers.  Most of those followers are fellow WordPress bloggers, and every follower is treasured.


During my recent month away from WordPress I attended a sustainability seminar at Essex University in Colchester which proved to be a turning point in my thinking.  Hearing the inspirational Albert Low speak at that seminar enabled many pieces of a complicated jigsaw to fall into place.  To think of the events and objects of the world as part of a living energy system rather than isolated units was a new way to look at the world, I did so with new eyes.  The key word was sustainability.

Energy systems

Our environmental, political, economic and social structures are all living energy systems, and they are all in trouble.  The growing pothole that exists in the road outside of my home is a small reflection of the ever-expanding disease that infects the living energy systems of the world, as we take out more energy than these systems can sustain, worse, we disrupt the ability for these systems to renew themselves.  We live in an unsustainable world, with the scientific outcome being the inevitable collapse of those systems, leading to human extinction.

Address the disease rather than the symptoms

Just as the problem of a cold is not the symptoms, but the virus behind those symptoms, the human race need to deal with the cause of the problems in its energy systems, not the symptoms.  We have the mentality to treat the symptoms not the virus.  National debt will not be resolved by more debt, or moving debt around, radical sustainable solutions are called for.  Similarly, it is better to prevent the disease through healthy sustainable activity, rather than cure that disease caused by unsustainable activity.

You are the change masters

In solving the problems of the world through sustainable attitudes and action, it starts with me and you.  The political leaders, the banks, the celebrities won’t have the answers, the motivation or ability to resolve human problems.  Those at the top have a stake in keeping the status quo the way it is, and much to lose if it changes.  Change comes from the bottom up, starting with you and me.  Those at the top are there because we put them there with our vote, by investing our money in them, by buying their products.  Without our support those at the top will be nothing, and so where we go they will follow, for we are the real change masters.

You, little you amongst seven billion people are a change master, the small changes you make in how you act and think, multiplied by those like you will send ripples of change through the world.  If you do nothing, the human race won’t survive.  Forget about others, you have to play your part.  You have to take on sustainable action and attitudes.

Time is running out

The clock is ticking.  Unfortunately the human race no longer has the luxury of procrastination any longer.  It is now do or die.  The global energy systems are heavily infected with the disease that will bring them down, the symptoms are manifesting at a rate of  quantity, speed and intensity that we can no longer address them.   The only one who can save us, is no superman or “chosen one” like in the movies, it is you.  If you start to be sustainable then you can make the difference.

Making a difference

I want to make a difference.  I would like to use my wisdom, knowledge and creativity to bring about the sustainable changes that will reverse the collapse of our global energy systems.  My blog will undergo a subtle change of direction to share ideas which the individual like you may be able to use to make a sustainable difference in your life and in the world.  Of course, all the sort of content you have associated with this blog in 2012 will still be appearing, but there will be a message or idea in every post, which I hope readers will consider and adopt.

I wish all my readers and followers a sustainable, prosperous and healthy 2013.


35 responses to “New year, new direction

  1. I wonder if the ‘global energy system’ will simply get rid of us, then regenerate itself and continue on without humans messing up the cycles…
    I don’t believe in any intelligent superbeings, but I do wonder if there are intangible forces at work…
    I wish you the best of luck for next year!

    • There is a body of thought that suggests the planet earth is “intelligent”. Given the opportunity energy systems will regenerate. I forgot to put into the blog post that there has been previous mass extinctions of a larger scale than the human race could ever hope to inflict in earth history, and the energy systems renewed with new life. There will be a tipping point reached where the human race will be doomed long before it can wipe out all life on this planet.

  2. Best of luck sir. Hope u succeed in making a difference

  3. Mother Earth has indeed sustained centuries of misuse by humans. We do need to employ all possibilities to heal her. Blessings to you and I wish you and the other caring beings much success in this undertaking for the New Year.

  4. We are a temporary feature on this planet. The planet will survive with/out us, probably better the latter. Our airs of superiority will be our demise, sadly.

    Happy New Year and thanks for the participation on my blogs.


  5. I will be sending out my ripples, Alex – Happy New Year to you

  6. You are inspiring the rest of us in your drive to make a difference. Keep it going Alex. Happy New Year to you and your family in 2013. Best, Dave

  7. Everyone of us that embrace the desire to make a difference contribute to creating a better World… It all starts with ourselves as we throw the pebble into the ponds of life to make the ripple effect that others can feel and explore their vibrations… Keep up the good work …
    And Congratulations upon your First year in Blog land… I came across your site via Paul’s site.. learning from dogs…

    Happy Bright New Era to you for 2013… Sue Dreamwalker

  8. Thanks for another always thought provoking post. As I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, whining like a baby in my blog, you reminded me of the bigger picture. I am an environmentalist as well as a depressed, lyme disease sufferer with a sick mom visiting for the week. I will continue to strive for the health and repair of our living planet as well as improving my own situations and being there for my family and friends-both virtual and in person.
    Happy new year Alex!!

    • You have been inspirational with your own blog on environmental issues, as well as actively achieving things in your own way as an environmentalist. Keep up your good work.

  9. Happy New Year, Alex. 🙂

  10. Alex I’m waiting for your lead.Lets change 365 little things next year to make our world a better place.

  11. I agree completely. It is our duty, as people who care and are aware, to push, encourage, suggest and educate, so that most of us will be able to band together and stop being so short-sighted and selfish, and get down to the serious business of saving the earth and our species.
    How about a post on buying less, using less, making do with less. Less of EVERYTHING.
    Thanks for being my number one commenter for 2012.

    • It is in the power of each one of us to make a difference as you say. I agree, it is a duty.

      I am sure there will be a number of such posts over 2013 along the lines you suggest.

      You have a great blog, I look forward to continue reading it into and beyond 2013.

  12. Great! Thanks, bro. Happy New Year! Cheers!

  13. Hi Alex, I look forward to reading your future posts/suggestions. Happy new year.

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