Get off the fence!

Achieve your goals by doing it.

New Years Day, traditional time to plan and pursue a list of New Year Resolutions to mark a new year with new beginnings.  Sadly for most by the end of the first month many will break or give up pursuing such resolutions.

I am going forward with only one New Year Resolution, which is to “Get off the fence!”  Many resolutions fail because we stay on the fence doing nothing; procrastination is a great killer of resolutions and dreams.  Change requires energy, courage and determination to overcome resistance.  Rather than an easy ride every change is often a fight up a mountain.  Inevitably you will face resistance, and worse, setbacks in every goal you pursue; few are the easy wins, but you will get a lot of reversals; it is no wonder most resolutions become a car wreck by month end, human spirit deflated by failure.

I work according to a master plan, both in business and in my personal development.  The challenges are many, the obstacles are numerous; pain, anxiety and conflict are my companions as I move forward.  Thinking about all the monsters ahead that stand between me and my dreams, it is easy to reach for a chocolate milkshake and go back to bed.

I yesterday viewed on the internet the film the “Red Baron” about an ace first world war fighter pilot who became a legendary success feared by his enemies, with over 80 “kills” to his name.  I read earlier in the day about the German ship Emden, who in the same first world war proved such a nightmare to Britain and her allies in the Indian ocean with dozens of sinkings to its name.  These notable examples became legends, successful and feared because they were bold; they got off the fence and just went out to enthusiastically meet every challenge head on.

If you want to achieve anything in life you have to be bloody minded in life, be like a rampaging bull boldly smashing into what ever obstacle or resistance that gets in your way.  No think, just do.  Get off the fence!


Sustainability action 1 : solar energy

Each day on this blog I shall record one small action or change I did that day which was my contribution to a healthy sustainable world.  This is more challenging than it looks, so it will require considerable effort through “getting off the fence”. I thank fellow WordPress blogger Wealthymatters for making this awesome suggestion, and I invite fellow bloggers to also attempt to make one small action each day which will contribute to a healthier sustainable world.  The actions can be small, the effect is that 365 small actions in one year has a cumulative large impact overall.

From today,   I started using a small solar panel to charge my music ipod.  I previously charged my ipod via the USB slot of my laptop, but now it is via free energy from the sun.  Investing in solar panels you can achieve a level of energy independence by making your own free energy from the sun.  Most energy we obtain comes from burning fossil fuels or radiation, neither which is good for the environment.  You can invest small just to power an ipod, phone or laptop to large, to power your entire home with the sun.  My local council now has solar panels on most of its properties, so you could persuade your local decision makers to invest in solar power.


17 responses to “Get off the fence!

  1. Admirable approach Alex. I tried to do the same with my wireless, solar panel keyboard. The rechargeable battery needed to be replaced after 3 months at a cost of $20, more than 1/2 the price of the keyboard. There is a balance between cost and eco-friendliness that needs to be maintained.

  2. [ Smiles ] We all should have been using solar power from day one; it is the cleanest form of energy that I can think of.

    Thank you for another wonderful post and may you have a fabulous 2013.

  3. Well said Alex.. keep on keeping on. I am a great advocate of being the change you want to see in the world..

  4. Not just positive thinking but positive doing. Excellent 🙂

  5. Happy New Year Alex, and thanks for the great advice. Have jumped off that fence many, many times. I’ve always gained new knowledge and it has always been rewarding.

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