Sustainability action 5 : reducing plastic bags

Use durable long-lasting bags to shop rather than plastic bags.

This is the type of hemp-cotton bag I use instead of plastic bags to shop with.  So eco-friendly squirrels love them.

This is the type of hemp-cotton bag I use instead of plastic bags to shop with. The eco-friendly nature of the bag gets the thumbs up from Colchester squirrels, especially when chocolate is involved.

Today I went to the food store with my durable hemp-cotton bag, using this to carry my food purchases rather than using plastic bags.  I have two of these bags, one you can see being raided by a Colchester squirrel in the photograph, which I have had for about a year.

During my recent litter pick it was the plastic waste I found more of.  Plastic is made from oil products, and is a choking or suffocation hazard to animals.  Plastic mostly is resistant to decay, which makes it such an annoying and destructive form of rubbish.

Britain is taking a good stance against plastic, some shops now charging for plastic bags, or paying the customer to reuse bags.  Traders have worked out that discouraging people from using their plastic bags is good for the environment as well as their profits.  Often I am asked in the shop if I want a bag with a look in the eye of the retail assistant that makes me feel like a puppy murderer if I said “yes”.

Plastic bags won’t be totally eliminated from my life, for they are useful to protect items from the British rain, and to use when picking up litter.


17 responses to “Sustainability action 5 : reducing plastic bags

  1. Last week an American city (Concorde, I think) banned plastic bags, as did the country of Mauritania, making it one of several African countries that have banned them. Ghana also banned imported second-hand fridges in an effort to control energy consumption. Seems like some of the Third World countries are doing better than the First.


  2. Bro, Currently, In Klang Valley, M’sia, we are implementing “No plastic bag on every Saturday”. Hope this can extend to everyday soon. Our planet, our responsibility! Cheers!

  3. [ Smiles ] If we neglect our environment now, we would end up paying the negative consequences in the end.

    Great article, Alex!

  4. I never ever use plastic bags, and it breaks my heart to see them littered all over the city

  5. We too have policies to discourage plastic bags. I’ve used this as an incentive to go back to cloth bags.Nowadays I always carry one in my purse.

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    • I agree, through creativity ideas can be introduced or approached in a different way that encourages people to understand or evolve in a way that is healthy for them, society and the environment. I also agree that it will take the complete collapse of the global financial system to bring about a new paradigm shift in how people approach money; I believe that outcome is close at hand.

  7. I like your blog, and the topics you address and your thinkin, right down my street. I have always been for re usable bags and even a s achild my mum took bags to shops. Germany is even stricter than Britain , but I am happy that Britain learns too. I have lots of bags to shop and they also look much nicer than those awful plastic bags.

    • Thank you 🙂 I agree, the reusable bags I have are good looking but also sturdy, no risk of bags splitting and the contents smashing all over the floor. Germany has a strong “Green” political movement I have noticed.

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