Decisions should consider future generations

Better to make decisions for the long-term rather than short-term gains.

Better to have no children if all we are leaving them is a toxic legacy.

Better to have no children if all we are leaving them is a toxic legacy.

I note that practically all leaders make decisions based on short-term gain rather than consider the long-term impacts of how such decisions impact future generations.  What is being left for future generations is a toxic legacy which will result in a harsh life for them.

How sad it seems that future generations will never see living species we take for granted today; or that they will be paying the accumulated public debt we have left for them; or that the world will be reduced to a bloody battleground of war; or all the land, water and air will be polluted; or that instead of abundance future generations will suffer shortages of water, food and energy.

Until decision makers change their attitude… fast… then the legacy we are leaving to future children, it would be an act of kindness to have no children at all, so they won’t suffer its consequences.


Sustainability Action 9 : conserve electricity.

I have from today made a point of making sure that all lights, gadgets and equipment are switched off when not in use, thus to conserve energy.  Such action saves money, but also prevents wastage of energy.


16 responses to “Decisions should consider future generations

  1. Well said, I have young grand children and I worry about the life they will have as they get older. No longer can we pretend they will know the world the way we did.

  2. Each and everyone of us has to take responsibility for the way the precious world is being treated.. We can no longer just blame others. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

  3. Even when things are plugged in and not being used, or are in the off position, they still draw a minute amount of power through that connection at the wall. I wonder, even with energy saving devices, if we simply made a habit of pulling all plugs at night, what that would save in energy consumption the world over.

  4. Overpopulation is a thorny issue, that few people seem willing to confront, or even talk about.

    • This is one of those issues that humanity will do nothing about but nature will. Your Gwyn Ap Nudd the Celtic archetype represents an aspect of nature that can be unpleasant.

  5. [ Smiles ] Great post, Alex.

    Political leaders need to consider the negative repercussions of some of their short term agreements. It really makes no sense when they cause environmental havoc.

    Turning off all gadgets when not in use is a good idea. Too many people on the planet are into the habit of wasting energy.

    • Hi Renard, the political and economic systems of the world are biased towards short term solutions, profits and votes. Until such systems are overhauled little there is little incentive to make decisions for the long term good of future generations.

      The challenge is now to make a good habit of turning gadgets off, which will take a month or so before it becomes second nature for me.

  6. No doubt. It’s precisely the reason why I decided never to have children and am so very careful not to, in spite of the fact that I come from a very small family. The world is not only overpopulated, but should not even be able to support so many, and is only able to due so due to oil and debt. I fear that human population is in a bubble much like debt, and that a disastrous kind of population correction is coming soon when the oil stops and debt can no longer be accumulated.

    • You are right that we are in a bubble as far as population is concerned. The debt, food, water and energy crisis that will result from unsustainable population growth, made worse by unsustainable activities towards the planet is already manifesting as border clashes, riots and rebellions across the world.

  7. True words but change always starts with self first. It only takes one domino to make the rest fall.

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