Global weather turns hostile

2013 likely will be worse than 2012 for extremes of weather.

Two glowing eyes in the clouds promises a harsh global experience in 2013.

Two glowing eyes in the clouds promises a harsh global weather experience in 2013.

A few days ago I was bouncing around Colchester happy as a bee as the mild spring brought pleasant weather after the floods of rain during December.  The winter in Britain depresses me for its cold and darkness, so I have been liking the mild temperatures this winter, with few frosts, tons of rain and one day of snow.

The blossoms are on the trees; foraging bees were out gathering food; the birds singing their hearts out, creating their territories and finding a mate; the first flowers of spring, including snowdrops were blooming.  At the back of my mind I warned myself to be wary of my optimism, for the British weather is a temperamental animal, which can turn nasty in an instant.  Today temperatures dropped more than ten degrees Celsius on the previous day, something that has an impact of a sledgehammer on the human body, which dislikes sudden temperature changes.  The savage frosts were back and a warning of snow was being made all over the internet.  Damn!

The observant can over time spot trends, which includes weather.  The news of the first ten days of 2013 is grim.  The Middle East has been hammered by the worst storms in ten years, heavy rains and snow; a sense of disbelief that Jerusalem is at a standstill due to heavy snowfall.  In the northern provinces of China winter fell like a hungry beast trapping more than a thousand ships in sea ice, and plunging temperatures deep below freezing point.  In the USA, suffering the continuing drought, winter storms dumped tons of snow on suffering Americans.  New Zealand is in drought, their rivers at the lowest point in years.  Record killer heat waves in Australia and Tasmania resulted in vast wild fires that destroyed homes, took lives and wiped out large swathes of forest and innumerable numbers of wildlife.  Distressed whales that usually visit in summer appeared in winter in Canada, and are a cause of concern being trapped under ice with a diminishing gap in the ice providing them with air.

My prediction is that the weather in 2013 is going to give humanity a worse kicking than it did in 2012.


Sustainability Action 10: I signed up to a sustainability seminar in Colchester.

Knowledge is power, for knowledge provides the keys to open doors to success.  My progress to be a sustainable individual is hampered by the limits on my knowledge; it is through education that I can increase my knowledge, thus to be a better sustainable individual.  I today signed up to a one day seminar on sustainability at Essex University in Colchester for next week.

I shall learn about how to involve other people in a cooperative atmosphere to design and follow a sustainable process that benefits society, business and the environment.  Currently the world follows unsustainable processes that will lead to human extinction; those processes need to be changed, and it requires all individuals to make those changes together if humanity is to survive.


16 responses to “Global weather turns hostile

  1. I, like you, have been enjoying the mildness of the winter here in the US, (I’m on the eastern shore, for those who don’t know) but I know that it is short lived. It seems over the last couple years winter weather has been arriving later. We are set for 5 days of rain starting tomorrow. At least its staying lighter a touch longer. 🙂

  2. Knowledge is power and what seems to be lacking in many of the global warming stories is contextual information regarding temperature change life-cycles over millenia. For instance, how many times have you seen data such as this one piece. There are a lot of data vaults with similar information but most of it is left out by those who tout global warming as being a man made phenomenon. Looking at the map, who much longer would you predict warming to continue before it peaks and drops cyclically toward global cooling? What do you think the upcoming year holds for us regarding regional U.S. temperatures by seasons or months?

    • Firstly, I find the claims that global warming is all the fault of humanity to be stretching credulity, however humanity has played its part in the warming of the planet. The problem with scientists is that they will see what they want to see, they can abstract data down to a simple dataset that supports their conclusions, conveniently ignoring the obvious contradictory evidence that undermines their theories. Your chart shows the true state of the climate which the scientists ignore. The trend in this Holocene is a natural warming, which has been going on for 15,000 years.

      USA will follow the 2012 trend of destructive storms and drought. You will have a serious water shortage, your food industry will be hammered.

      • I agree with your summary for the USA [the same can be said for all other nations in their turn]. Earth, contrary to what many people think is far from a precisely designed, ever safe, and divinely conceived planet. It is a planet that is living breathing and just as savage as any creature that it sustains, It is a planet of shifting continental plates that once divided and moved a central mass into separate continents with distinct ecosystems. It is a planet build upon volcanic activity that is still ongoing and will remain ongoing for quite some time. It is planet in which storms of all sorts pose a threat to every living being on the planet and would be taking many more lives had man not exploited the earth to feed, clothe, shelter, warm and cool himself; to protect himself from hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, floods, famines and all of the other things that afflict this planet and everything that walks, crawls, flies, swims, breathes or otherwise exists. It is but one of many objects of substantial size that sits in the midst of an asteroid belt as a moving target for moving high-speed objects to strike as winning lottery numbers strike their winners. No character, no type of government, no recycling plan, no prescribed limit on carbon expulsion into the atmosphere will protect us from whatever hostile fate happens on a never ending planet born of hostile activity. Not even prayer will help. To assume we humans were made in the image of some God is not only ludicrous, were there a God, it would be outright insulting, presumptuous and arrogant to equate man on any level with a Deity. We are what we are. Earth is what it is and no amount of wishing, hoping or political design will change either the nature of man or the nature of Earth. If people are to live according to the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they only way the a life can be lived to the fullest is to exploit the earth for whatever we need to build a network of relative safety, relative security, and relative comfort during those time of calm that occur between the omnipresent possibility of a natural disaster [that some will claim to be acts of God, which is little more than equating a God to a child in the midst of a temper tantrum. As my Avitar states: “Exploit the Earth or Die, Your Life Depends Upon It.”

        Happy New Year and thank you again for a mind stimulating article. My best to you and yours.

      • Thanks for your insightful comment, much which I agree with. Remember also that everything, including this planet, is an energy system, that follows scientific laws. If too much energy is taken out than is renewed, or those processes of renewal are disrupted then such energy systems collapse taking the human species into oblivion.

  3. Hmmm. Drought is becoming an issue in many parts of India.I am seeing many new runaway children from rural areas in the city now..

    • Drought as an issue on its own will turn the world upside down. Thanks for your observation on what is happening in India. It appears most of the world (not UK) are having drought issues.

  4. I live in the eastern part of the US along the great lakes, we should be knee-deep (not exaggerating) in snow we are having mid 50F temperatures right now. The thing is it’s never been a stable thing to know when winter will come and go. My grandparents who were born in 1914 and 1919 told stories of how snow arrived regularly in September about the time school started and was over by January. By the time I was born winter arrived end of November/early December. The only thing that seems to have changed about the season is how mild it has become lately here.

    • The climate in your part of the world seems to reflect that of Britain at the moment. Did you have a lot of heavy rain during last December?

      • Last month? Yes we did, finally got some snow right before Christmas with really cold temperatures, until yesterday when we nearly reached 50 and today exceeded 50. I do hear it’s supposed to turn colder beginning of the week but still above freezing so no snow expected.

      • I think you must benefit from the impact of the warm Gulf Stream like Britain does.

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