The illusion of money

Paper money backed by debt is worthless.

Paper currency today is underwritten by debt.

Currency today is underwritten by debt.

If I grew a field of barley, and you drew upon a blank piece of paper a picture of a clown, wrote the number 1000 on it then presented me with it for my barley, I would reject your “money” thinking you were a clown.  Yet, you give me paper with the picture of the UK Queen on I would accept your “money”.  Both clown and queen are only paper, but I am caught in the illusion the paper with the queen is worth something.

The British paper currency is a promise, with a meaningless printed statement upon it “I promise to pay the bearer…. “  a number and a word “pounds”; both abstract values and words that can mean anything.  Originally the paper currency was tied to gold so you had a tangible commodity of value supporting it.  Times have moved on, no longer is currency backed by gold, in fact the British government would be unable to support all the paper currency it printed with the assets it owns.   The meaninglessness of currency is further debased with the introduction of base metal in place of paper for lower denominations, then plastic cards tied to anonymous computer databases.

Most world governments play another cunning trick by creating debt, declaring debt as an asset and then linking this to their currency.  It would seem then when the next person comes along to present me with paper with the queens head upon it for my field of barley, then what I am getting is paper with the collateral of negative value debt behind it rather than gold.  I joyfully accept this paper for my tangible barley, then I wonder who is the real clown.


15 responses to “The illusion of money

  1. We are all of us trapped within this illusion Alex, and I think within my own life time I will witness a change to the monetary system, for it cannot be self sustaining as the value of it is kept afloat within the systems of figures which are just figures.. Nothing, no gold to back it up..
    This is why many have been busy buying up as much Gold as possible for they know in the future sometime soon there will be a collapse of the Monetary systems as we see countries fail to meet their debts.. Debts which are laughable when you really look into the systems.. As we prop up Banks with Money from Taxpayers to banks which reap in trillions of so called profits from the very debts they lend out which we owe them… And then they pay themselves huge bonus’s telling themselves how well they have done..!!… ALL figures upon a computer scene, as Money has been printed and printed which has to devalue.. at some point..
    I have heard of a system of credits being drawn up, also a new currency being created for USA, Canada, and Mexico, how true that is I dont know? I used to listen once upon a time to the other Alex Jones.. LOL.. but found that although I agreed with much of what was being stated, It is only adding to the negative pool and at one point wondered which side ‘Light or Dark’ he was on 😉 🙂 As I am well aware of the Dark Ones of this planet! But Question alot, as there is also alot of Dis-information out there to fear monger the masses..

    One thing I know Alex.. should the systems collapse then we are all of us in the same boat.. so no good worrying about it..


    • Hi Sue, you, me and everyone else have little choice but to be part of this illusion, since there is no alternative. I have seen local communities around Britain create their own local currencies, some adopt alternative exchange systems like bartering their skills and time. Better to exchange money in the bank into tangible assets like land, property and growing food.

  2. Completely agree. Money means nothing. It’s an elaborately decorated IOU but ‘we the people’ don’t know who ‘we’ borrowed from. Only our respective governments know that answer, yet we kill for it, die for it, work ourselves to death for it and some can’t ever get enough of it. I myself would prefer to barter with you something of tangible value for your barley. How about some pottery or beadwork?

    • Barter is a good alternative system of trade. The existing system of exchange using the “elaborately decorated IOU” is a scam. yet we all are forced to be apart of it.

  3. It won’t be long, for of items, knowledge and abilities are more important these days..not to mention the storage of empathy…

  4. No paper is no longer backed by gold. Nor do we use too much paper, it’s plastic these days with new clown face.. But I guess a clown is a clown paper or plastic as they ask in the supermarket.

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