See every problem or obstacle as a challenge

The choice is sink or swim in the challenges of life.

The self grows through challenge and learning.

The self grows through challenge and learning.

Every problem or obstacle is a challenge.  For every bad period in life there is a good period in life.  In crisis you have a choice to sink or swim.  These three insights are useful to consider when life gets hard.

It is through challenges you grow.  It is through the experience of the bad times that you appreciate the good.  It is through attacking crisis head on that you emerge through the other side.

I have hit a rough patch.  The second cold since Christmas has emerged to challenge me; snow has fallen; it is cold; I have to go out to work in challenging weather with a cold; I have to balance out multiple business demands; I am dazed with so much change going on in my life; and I am stressed.

I eased back yesterday to fight the cold, hammering it with vitamins, paracetamol, soups, honey and rest.  I put off a client until today, my admission of a cold sounded as weak as telling a teacher my dog had eaten my homework.  In fact my efforts to kill my cold ended in a reaction like one would expect from poking an angry dog with a stick.  Did I say I was stressed?

Sitting back yesterday watching war documentaries on the internet at least got me in the frame of mind that I am up for a fight.  This is war.  I am on the attack against the cold, I am fighting a defensive action to keep my clients happy.  I am working on a strategy on being a better parent to my body, this second cold being my second warning.

Looking on the bright side, whilst the rest of Britain has been buried in snow, Colchester escaped with a lighter brushing.  I can cope with the snow.  I am liaising between retailers and art gallery today so at least I will be less in the cold.  The cold is near the end of its lifecycle, and I still have avoided flu, plus that vomiting bug going around.  A week or so from now I will sit back and laugh at this.

I took some time to read a few WordPress blogs yesterday.  A talented writer, who annoyingly never replies to comments by their readers was indulging in a story of self pity claiming they are a useless writer.  I had purchased their book, and was less than impressed at their claims of woe.  They had set their target too high for many book sales in a limited market, then when they predictably failed, they indulged in a post of self hatred.  So here is me in my challenging situation reading a blog of someone having a life crisis over nothing; I unfollowed.

So there you have it.  I am fighting through my challenges, and I intend to win.  Did I say I was stressed?


11 responses to “See every problem or obstacle as a challenge

  1. For your cold: I drink a tea made of garlic, ginger and peppermint, and for sinus stuff, inhale a big bowl of thyme. And stay off dairy. Hope this helps. All the best.

  2. [ Smiles ] Firstly, I like the concept of not giving up and being persistent.

    Secondly, many people need to have back-up plans. I would recommend in your case that you take a vitamin D supplement; this helps to boost the immune system.

    Thirdly, if you force yourself to work when you are supposed to be resting, it would only make things worse. I recommend designating someone to work on your behalf until you are healthy enough to work.

    Fourthly, get well soon!

    • Hi Renard, I shall look into those vitamin D supplements, I have just restarted taking vitamin C supplements again after this cold happened.

      I am taking as much rest as I can, but being self employed one does not have the luxury of resting too long. The ideal is to hire more help but that costs money, and I need to watch the cash flow. It is a fine balancing act being self employed. Although I could do better, I take care of my health, for instance avoiding smoking or alcohol. There are some lessons I heave learnt from this illness that I will work towards addressing.

      Thanks for your best wishes and tips.

  3. As they say Alex, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. 🙂

  4. Hope all is much better today! And I don’t just mean the cold, of course you get through that. When you are stressed though, you tend to catch every bug, cold, flu, whatever is floating around. Wishing you less stress for a while (though I do realize that we do our best when we are stressed, but that is only true short term). Thank you for reading my posts while you were recovering. May your fighting days be filled with sunshine!

  5. I love your blog. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please see here for more Love to you!

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