Go Beyond!

The choice is growth or decay.

Over time everyone tends to collect to themselves restrictions and illusions, both imposed or adopted, that separates them from the happy alive person they should be.  The choice is always there to step outside of the illusion and restrictions of our lives, to go beyond, and thus to grow.  Sadly most people opt for the security of the familiar, even if it is a source of suffering, than to go charging into an adventure of personal growth; for them decay is their future, which is the real meaning of old age.

Attempt to do something new each day, even if it is something small.  Go Beyond!


8 responses to “Go Beyond!

  1. To go that extra step however small makes giant strides in our lives. I’m a person who trys to go beyond. Be it just by a thought or a small deed. Life is fuller and richer for them. Even a smile in the right direction can make someones day Shine.
    Loved the post 🙂

  2. A very very important point.

  3. Beautifully written. I think the worst limitations we place are those we place upon ourselves.

  4. A Land Rover commercial! Talk about synchronicity. I have been fixing a Land Rover Freelander 1998 model for some friends of mine, since it died on them in the icy cold Norwegian winter. I spent some hours fixing it. The first hour to figure out where british people hide mounting screws for panels. The next hour to unmount a splash panel. The next hour to figure out that a dynamo belt tensioning screw needs to unscrew a fastening screw before turning, just like something Monty Python would put in a car for laughs. Then finally change the battery, and conclude that the belt and battery is fine, and the alternator needed to be changed. Now the british car can go almost everywhere, just like my Volkswagen.

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