Waste nothing

Nature and our ancestors wasted nothing, we should do the same.

Waste nothing.

Waste nothing.

Walking near the wild wood of Highwoods in Colchester a hawk flew out in front of me carrying a bird it had caught.  The hawk was a reminder of the raw quality of nature that is life and death; the death of a bird to give life to the hawk.

The hawk will waste little as it feeds its little body with the body of the deceased bird; what will be left will be the bones, which will be recycled by nature to become part of other plants and animals.  The hawk lives a sustainable life, taking only what it needs from its environment, wasting little.

Outrageous it is to read the claims that the rich nations waste 50% of the available food as people grow hungry in the poorer nations.  The UK student fashion of pouring four pints of milk over their head as part of a craze in 2012 is one example of human disregard of sustainability in the global food system, which will have but one eventual outcome, mass starvation.

The responsibility is upon every individual to waste nothing, especially food.


27 responses to “Waste nothing

  1. And what parts the hawk doesn’t eat will be consumed by other animals (beetles, worms, etc)…

  2. Humans give no forethought to what their wasteful actions have. I grew up with the ‘finish that, there are starving children in Africa’ line from my parents all the time.
    I couldn’t see them. Didn’t know for sure that they were telling the truth until I got older. I prefer to use the homeless and hungry in my area as an example to my kids, though neither are very wasteful.
    We as a species need to re-connect with nature before we squander away what’s left.

  3. Living close to nature, just outside my door, I can watch how animals live, they take over existing yet abandoned homes to raise their young in, they only eat what they need, even their wastes are reabsorbed back into the earth. I try to live as much like that as possible, but it’s really hard. This week my fridge stopped working, I am told it can’t be repaired and to toss it in the garbage. I am left trying to figure out how to re-purpose this to keep it out of the landfill. I have read that 80% of what we purchase is made to be used once and disposed. There is a place to start, lower that number to zero.

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  5. [ Smiles ] Nice article!

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are into the habit of wasting electricity and drinking water.

  6. It is so easy to forget that every action we do, like wasting something that could still be used, is part of a larger cycle. With our action we affect everyone before and after us. Nature works in cycles. As human beings we have to take responsibility for the cycles we create or upset.

    • Well observed, I agree everything moves in cycles. I was thinking today about what we are giving as a legacy to future generations. I saw in my mind an apple tree that was passed from generation to generation. The apple tree we shall give to our children will be sick and its fruit rotten.

  7. I was in a restaurant yesterday. A whole family had main meals, each came with salad, none were eaten. They discussed how guilty they felt at the waste, but the salads were too boring. I almost asked if I could have them – just to stop the waste, but that’s just not on. How much food is wasted because a set menu offers stuff people don’t want?

    • It seems society has built a system that is designed to cause wastage as in the example you gave. Thanks for your comment Barb.

    • Isn’t the food recycled in restaurants?Here extra food is consumed by hotel staff and donated to charities who distribute it to the poorest poor.Table waste is given to animals especially stray dogs,There are charities who specialize in this.Some kitchen waste goes to feed cows,goats.rabbits and all the remaining waste is composted.There are small businesses specializing in this.

  8. So true! Take action from ourselves now! Lead by example! Cheers!

  9. I cringe every time I see one of those tomato throwing festivals! And in North America, they hold pumpkin smashing parties after Halloween. What a waste of good food! And this all takes place while millions of people are starving to death. We’re a very stupid animal, my cats wouldn’t behave like that!

  10. I still remember this from my school days.Cable TV had just been introduced in the country and on CNN I was seeing huge amounts of oranges being dumped into the Mediterranean because overproduction in Spain had lead to a crash in orange prices in the EU and simultaneously there were ads on MTV urging people to donate a Dollar to save a Somali.I still remember thinking why there wasn’t a single person round to ship this precious vitamin C source to Somalia. After all Somalia and Spain are not that far away.

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