Blogging is a great tool of communication

Blogging is a fast way to exchange knowledge, network and build a community.

Blogs are a simple and effective communication tool.

Blogs are a simple and effective communication tool.

The Guardian recently asked the followers of its sustainability section for one tip on how to  communicate sustainability to others.  I suggested blogging, and gave the Liberated Way as an example of such a blog.  This was a competition, the prize being a free place on a communications course.

My tip made the top five:

“My tip is use a blog to communicate sustainability values and ideas to people. I have started doing this through my blog at”

I think people can be too clever or intellectual in trying to share the values of sustainability with others, which can discourage rather than motivate others to adopt a sustainable attitude and activity to our planet.  If humanity is to have a future on this planet then everyone has a part to play, so any tool or communication process has to be simple and inclusive to reach everyone.  Blogging achieves this.

My tip is now in the voting, a process that will last only two days.  If you think my tip is worth voting for, please do give me your vote.  My tip is the last option, which mentions this Liberated Way blog.


22 responses to “Blogging is a great tool of communication

  1. Reblogged this on LuciferianBlog.Com and commented:
    I agree… blogging is such a simple way to express how you feel. It’s much more personal than having a profile on a closed-circuit forum, and it’s open to everybody.

  2. Done. Good luck. And yours should have been first on this list. 🙂

  3. I cast you my vote via the link Alex.. Good Luck 🙂 and agree its one of the best tools

  4. vote cast. Well done and good luck with it.

  5. Done and dusted, Alex. Good Luck

  6. Sorry Alex.I came too late to vote.But FYI I think your way is the best,You were the only person out of the five actually doing and and leading by example,Its easy to talk about what others might do/or ought to do.But doing and getting others to do produces the maximum impact in real terms.
    Alex put your sustainability actions in a separate blog.Then the search engines will rank the posts higher and your message will reach more people,

  7. I finished fifth in the voting. Thanks everyone for your votes, it was awesome to get into the voting at the Guardian.

  8. It started with i – Phone and has now moved to i – Pad 2; the reason- not enough availability.
    A very convenient way to search for things on the web
    is to simply speak your search term. Now, movies aren’t the only thing that piracy trackers allow links too.

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