What is prosperity?

Prosperity is health, happiness and abundance.

Its a win-win relationship between flower and bee.

The fate of bees and humanity are linked.

Live a sustainable life and prosperity is yours.  The three elements of prosperity is health, happiness and abundance.  I describe these further as follows:


A subjective state of mind that comes from manifesting your full potential.


Self explanatory, but encompasses mind and body.


Your cup overflows with everything from money, friends, opportunities, energy, children, food, water.

Happiness, health and abundance are states, side effects of sustainability.  Think of a bee hive: happy bees, healthy bees and an abundance of honey.

Unsustainable activity reverses all three elements of prosperity: where despair replaces happiness; sickness replaces health, both in mind and body; empty hunger replaces abundance.  Where once was prosperity is the full horror of the wasteland as all energy systems collapse; nothing grows, nothing lives.

Miners used to go down the coal pits with a canary in a cage, and if the canary died they got out fast, for toxic gases where present.  The bee is such a canary. What happens to bees will happen to everything and everyone.  The bees are the prophets of prosperity or wasteland.  If the bees die so will humanity.

The choice is for everyone to make.  Live a sustainable life and enjoy prosperity; live an unsustainable life and face the wasteland.


12 responses to “What is prosperity?

  1. Not sure I agree with this one. I think the idea of abundance and its link with happiness, the notion that we are entitled to as much as we like even when there are too many of us and our demands are too high is one of the roots of ecological crisis.

    • Could you expand on what you disagree with?

      Happiness, abundance, health are all states of being I wish for everyone, a state of existence that is possible, a product of sustainability. In the Celtic legends is the spirit of the land flowing with abundance, always in the images of such an archetype they carry a cornucopia or horn of plenty. Prosperity is a gift, the product of energy systems that are healthy and flowing.

      When humanity lives an unsustainable life, through taking too much energy from the land, wasting energy, disrupting its flow and ability to renew, then the wasteland comes.

    • Lorna in none of the three case does one person having something deny the same to others.In fact there is a chance it increases other peoples’ chances of having the same thing.

  2. Just been reading about bees – one variety was called humble bees – I assume this became misread as bumble. I like the idea of humble … well, humble anything really.

  3. Prosperity is all a matter of prospective… Wealth takes many forms for me… Health is a main factor for without it.. you cannot enjoy other benefits in life.. Abundance we often look at accumulating wealth to feel abundant.. And yet again its how we each perceive Treasures in our lives…
    Thank you for sharing Alex.. Wishing you Happiness, and an Abundance of Joy with a Wealth of Good Health.. 🙂

    • In mentioning abundance it can be many things, not only wealth but also as simple as having hordes of birds in the garden. Thanks again for your insightful comments, Sue.

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