The magic of snow

The world is full of magic, shame the sleeping majority will never notice.

Imola Pond in Colchester Castle Park last week conveyed the magic of winter beautifully for me.

Imola Pond in Colchester Castle Park last week conveyed the magic of winter beautifully for me.

Yesterday as I was visiting new WordPress blogs I posted a comment on a blog how everyone seems to mention Narnia when it comes to snow scenes.  The response was “Do they?” That response irritated me, the sort of response with the unsaid insult of “here is an idiot”.  It is the sort of rude blog response that no blog writer should make if they want to attract followers or encourage comment on their blog.

To understand such a comment as I made on that blog about Narnia, it requires an assumption of three pieces of information:

  1. they had seen the film “Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”.
  2. they had experience of others having mentioned Narnia.
  3. they had encountered winter scenes that reminded them of Narnia.

It is presumptive on my part to assume the other knows what I am talking about when I speak of something that they are ignorant of, however the response they make can shut down an opportunity to learn something new about the world.  Opportunities for new insights or adventures open up around us all the time, all we have to do is keep our minds open to all possibilities.  Too often however the mind shuts out anything that is new or is counter to its world view.

The concept of sustainability is often new and challenging to most minds brought up and conditioned in the old unsustainable paradigms that currently rule the minds of people and society today.  It is the defensive, hostile closed minds that anyone attempting to share and show sustainable ideas are going to face with the ignorant.  The ignorant rude attitude of some can be like a red rag to a bull, so it takes an effort to pull back and let it go.  Such people will be constantly encountered, and they are unworthy to waste energy on.

If you have not seen the “Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” then it is worth seeing, as well as reading the book. CS Lewis includes considerable philosophy into his Narnia books, which makes them enchanting to both adults and children.  Once you have seen the snow scenes in the film, then you will quickly make the association with winter scenes in the real world.  Once the snows come the wildlife seem to vanish; the birds stop singing; there is often a silence, a calm fresh stillness in the air, as if everything is sleeping, waiting and watching.  If you have a camera as the light conditions get low you can catch a magical landscape that will convey the magical experience of what you see.  It is the magical scenes of nature that make life worth living, sadly the ignorant will be blind to such magic.


20 responses to “The magic of snow

  1. I’m with you Alex. There is a beauty, peace and calm with snow that is magical.

  2. When I lived in Cologne, Germany, I noticed that right after a snow, the city would become so quiet. It felt as if the normal business of city life had been muted. Before that, I’d only experienced snow in nature in Yosemite or outside of Lake Tahoe, where it is quiet anyways. The silencing effect of snow in a large city was even more dramatic.

  3. One thing I’m pleased about is I don’t encounter snow too often and when I do… I try my best to find an excuse to remain in bed.. but that only happens about once every ten years… it looks nice in the photos of others.. but not to my body…
    Comments made on a blog should be tactfully answered .. sometimes a comment from some one on the other side of the world might not fully understand your language… so I recommend if one is not sure what they mean say a nice way… I recently stopped following a blog as the person seemed to make out that I was an idiot in commenting in the way I did… however when I replied to his comment he saw what I had meant… I commented in English, his home language, and my English is fairly good for an Afrikaans speaking person… but if that is his attitude then I don’t have to read his blog.. un follow, followed…

    • The onset of winter leaves me with the urge to emigrate like the birds do for the season, circumstances limit me for the moment.

      I totally agree with your conclusions. Consideration and politeness goes a long way to encouraging a good following to a blog.

  4. I love the beauty of snow, but not the cold that accompanies it. I have my bed positioned right under the window so I can gaze out at the view, while it is quiet here now that winter is upon us, I still have plenty of opportunities to spot the wildlife who look so surreal against the white of the snow. The black crow sitting at the feeder, the deer who stop and gaze at the window as if looking back at me. There is magic in every season if you stop to look for it.

  5. The mind needs to be trained, to appreciate subtle moments, like a snow covered landscape. While drawing I realised, that only after studying human expressions over and over again I began to see the subtle differences. Now it’s fun observing people walking by thinking: “Hey, that’s an interesting nose!”

  6. I have to admit to thinking about Narnia when the snow begins to cover the landscape..That said, it has to be a certain kind of snow – the large flakes that fall in silent agreement.

  7. Hi Alex, I own a copy of the book and the film… and Magic is in the eye of the beholder.. This world is full of Magical scenes and magical things… we but only need to LOOK! and see..

    Even though I battled through 8 inches of snow to get to one particular person I support.. I made it on Saturday Morning.. and while I loved taking my granddaughter who is 2 out on the sledge and making a snowman and so enjoy walking in it.. Im not all that sorry now its melted… for while I just love to watch and walk in it .. Driving in it is another thing all together! 🙂 and I cannot just say to those who rely upon my support Sorry I cannot come today.. 🙂

    Magical Post Alex 🙂

    • Thanks Sue. Socrates observed on the eve of his execution that pain and pleasure seem to be complimentary to each other in life, one following the other around. With regards to snow, it brings the problems but also the magic. As Socrates says one has to have both sides of an experience to appreciate it.

      • I couldn’t agree more.. without the Dark we would not experience LIGHT! and all things have opposites .. We live in duality… and so have to have the Neg to experience the Positive 🙂

  8. Snow is nice in photos; not a fan of the cold myself hence I live in Rio. It was a rather crass response. I would never presume to do likewise as I like my followers. And yes, you’re right, some snow photos do look like Narnia (displays educated upbringing).


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