What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability to form connections and communicate those connections to others.

Creativity is about making connections and communicating those connections to others.

Creativity is about making connections and communicating those connections to others.

Early this morning I was late for geography class; tried to recruit Little John in Sherwood Forest; dropped a baby; recruited an ancient Greek army.  I was creatively creating scenes in my dreams as I slept.  Human beings are creative beings, it is our imagination that sets us apart from other animals: our ability to make tools; see past and future; to create stories and gods; to imagine we are a superhero; to hope and dream; to have ego; to have empathy with others; to problem solve; to understand the universe; to be proactive than reactive; to see ourselves in the mirror; to change the world and who we are.

We are part of a creative universe

All the universe is creative, it happens we are a pro-active creator rather than a re-active one.  There are degrees of creativity, so we are at the top end of the scale, a single electron at the bottom.  A single electron is a true slave of the universe since it bounces around chaotically as entropy plays tennis with it. Our imagination gives us choice, this free-will to choose the outcomes we desire.  The greater the imagination the greater our creativity and choice, since imagination gives us more options to choose from than say a reactive bee who instinctively follows a narrow range of choices associated with its beehive activities.

Creative imaginations open doors to opportunity

The universe is full of doors of possibility, the creative ability of imagination reveals more of the doors for humanity than any other living creature. On the scale of creative imagination other animals have a certain degree of imagination: magpies, octopuses, elephants and dolphins.  Choice and creativity is co-dependent, the individual who stays upon a regular controlled path will have few possibilities to make creative connections, their lives will be limited and with few choices.  The greater the diversity of experience and openness the individual has in their lives the greater their choices, creativity, success, opportunities and liberty.

Creativity is related to prosperity

Prosperity has a relationship to creativity.  Prosperity comprises of happiness, health and abundance.  There is a reason why elephants in captivity suffer mental health problems and have shorter life spans than their wild counterparts, they are creative beings with imagination, their cages limits their creative expression.  What elephants manifest may be small compared to humanity, but the limitation of it in an elephant is devastating to the health and minds of the animal. Same has been noticed of octopuses who are denied opportunities to solve problems, they become depressed.

Creativity destroys tyranny

It is noticed in children that when given the opportunities to play they are happier and healthier.  It is noticed in entrepreneurs that they can make fortunes through the application of their creative imaginations. A state or society can control a population by suppressing or manipulating its creative imaginations, which leads to enslaved, unhappy, angry, unhealthy, uncaring, mechanical-thinking zombies.  Creative imagination has the capacity to destroy any tyranny, which is why the artists and intellectuals are often murdered in any purges.

Imagination is a blessing and a curse

Our imaginations are both a blessing and a curse.  We imagine and believe ideas about ourselves and the world that are not there.  We imagine we are no good, so we never manifest our true potential.  We believe time exists so we waste resources inventing time machines that will never work.  We believe we can cheat entropy of our deaths and waste our limited lifespan doing so.  We imagine we or our tribe is better than another group, so we go to war with them, attempt to oppress and destroy them.  We believe we are greater than nature and ignorantly mess with genetics and processes without humility or wisdom, then we wonder why we suffer from the consequences.  Our imagination creates separation from the rest of the universe leaving us feeling empty and often in conflict with its processes.  Our imagination creates the illusions of control.  Belief is imagination, belief and opinion, a form of untested knowledge that if untested leads to ignorance and tyranny.  Imagination is the tool that can liberate us and destroy us.

What is creativity?

What is creativity? It is in two parts.  The first is the ability to make connections.  The second is to communicate those connections to others.  Often what people think of as creativity is of something that is created, or in the process of being created; we see it manifested or manifesting in front of us as music, dance or a building, though this is only the communication part of the process.  A mind trap arises when an individual copies something or randomly dumps a pile of bricks upon the ground and calls it art; if there was no connection in the part of the artist before they communicated it as a manifestation then it is an empty intellectual creation.  Art is only living when the artist has formed a connection, they then choose a medium of communication of that connection such as music.

An example in music

Mozart forms connections in his mind; his medium of communication of these connections is through music; he codes the connections as musical notes on paper; the connections come alive when they are played by a cast of musicians hitting, blowing and rubbing objects to make sound.  Unless the musician feels the connections of Mozart as they play his code, then they are merely empty tools of expression.  The difference between a great musician and a standard musician is they can feel the connections of the composer, or feel and add an extra dimension to the music, communicating it then through the tool of their musical instrument.

I end with a video of one of the top TED videos by Ken Robinson on creativity.


9 responses to “What is creativity?

  1. Whatever it is, it’s not in Gove’s vocabulary, so is now under threat more than ever before.

  2. Great post, Alex. I really enjoyed the insightful take on creativity. It meshes with my own visions of the concept. Certainly when manifesting sustainable action in society one needs to be aware of the enslaving environment ruling thought and depressing prosperity, where communicating independent will to change holds the power to change self and the world.

  3. Ok, so as you know, my brain is pretty much oatmeal these days. Love the post and agree that creativity gets a raw deal in our current short sighted society. I’ve also always loved the quote, ‘do what you love as a career and you will never work a day in your life’ Totally off topic, for the first time in reading your blog I questioned your age in my mind. Late for class?? Did I miss something? What are you going to school for? Just curious.

    • I am not going to school in real life, it happens that I keep getting dumped into a school environment in my dreams. Why? No idea. I have been thinking of doing a university course involving environmental studies, but it is a question of having the time to do it. Time is in short supply when an individual runs their own business.

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