Build your dream stone by stone

Mighty oak trees started from tiny acorns.

A mighty oak tree starts from a tiny acorn.

A mighty oak tree starts from a tiny acorn.

As a child I remember watching the movie of the life of St Francis of Assisi called Brother Sun Sister Moon.  St Francis is the patron saint of animals, environment and ecology. I remember a song that stuck with me about building a dream one stone at a time.  I quote:

“If you want your dream to be , Build it slow and surely.

Small beginnings, greater ends , Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free ,Take your time go slowly.

Do few things but do them well , Simple joys are holy.

Day by day, , Stone by stone,

Build your secret slowly.

Day by day, You’ll grow too,

You’ll know heaven’s glory.”

Everyone is complete when they are living their own dream.  If you have no dream, start today by finding your dream, for most likely you are living someone else’s dream. Your dream has got to be something you would die for, that would bring up inside you the sort of passion that St Francis had in the video clip below.

Dreams start from tiny beginnings, which you raise up stone by stone, step by step.  Slowly, giving all your effort to each small step you build your dream.  I have a dream of building a successful business.  Each customer I will invest considerable resources in doing a good job for.  Each customer is one stone of a mighty house, and this I repeat again and again, slowly, stone by stone.  Each customer I did a good job for acts as a foundation for attracting other customers, who they often recommend me to, so from nothing I am building a successful business.

If you rush, or you fail to give your full attention to every small stone in your dream, you will ruin your dream.  From whatever harsh beginnings you start from, even from nothing, you build slowly and you do it well.

Here is the video:


9 responses to “Build your dream stone by stone

  1. Wonderful post that brings two responses to mind.

    The first is that our move from Arizona to Oregon came as a result of a dream that I had last July. I dreamt that i had gone to the bathroom and no water had come from the tap. Should explain that we were living in a hot, dry part of Arizona taking water from our own well. Couldn’t shake the idea of running out of water from my head and that led to someone recommending Oregon. We are now living in 13 acres, surrounded by vast, green trees with a year-round creek running through our land, and plenty of rainfall! It’s heaven for us and our dogs.

    The second is that as an old ex-entrepreneur I do wish you well in your endeavours. If you ever want to chat about running your own business do drop me an email or call via skype.

    • Hi Paul, you show a great example of pursuing your dream. Thanks for your offer of sharing your business experience with me. On this blog I sometimes write about some of the challenges I encounter in running my own business, and I always appreciate the feedback from others on this. I am still very much a student in learning about running a business, learning from trial and error.

  2. You always have to plant the seed and nurture it.

  3. A wonderful post…. I wonder if many understand that by our very Dreams via thoughts we do create our reality…. Keep building your Dreams my friend…. and they do come true.
    Many thanks

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