How to play the energy system and win

Energy systems can be played like a card or strategy game to win in life.

You can play an energy system like a card game or a board game.  Know the rules, play skilfully and concentrate on good energy.

You can play an energy system like a card game or a board game. Know the rules, play skilfully and concentrate on good energy.

You are dealt a hand of cards, which when you play with skill according to the rules results in you winning the game.  Energy systems are like a game of cards with rules, which you can play to your advantage.  I am only going to concentrate on one aspect of this energy game, which is why you should focus your card game towards the good energy in life rather than the bad energy.

Every object in this universe is either a, or part of, an energy system through which energy flows. Your body, this blog and the planet earth are all examples of energy systems.  All these energy systems are chaotic, self organising and interconnected systems.  The energy systems work according to observable processes that is relevant to your body as it is to our galaxy.  You can through observation gradually work out the rules of the processes by which the energy systems work by, then play them to your advantage.

Energy is the currency of all these energy systems, so you need to think in terms of seeing everything as energy in an energy system if you are to play this game well.  Energy is your playing cards, you have choice of how you play or change your cards which determines your outcomes.

Energy systems are on a spectrum from healthy to sick based upon the type of energy in play in the system.  Although there are many forms of energy, for simplicity in this game we can split it between good energy that makes you healthy and bad energy that makes you sick.  If you have a healthy energy system then you get prosperity, which is health, happiness and abundance; if the energy system is sick you get sickness, misery and poverty.  You may have observed the objective of this game is you play cards with good energy to win prosperity, which is your prize for winning this game.

You have no need to be a caring or compassionate person to play this game, this will appeal to anyone’s self-interest to attract prosperity into their lives rather than the wasteland of its opposite.  There is nothing mystical about this game, nor have you any need for morality.  You play good energy cards skilfully according to a set of rules for personal gain, just as a professional card or strategy game player would. The principles are natural and are not rocket science.

You have a choice of playing a good energy card or a bad energy card.  I advise you to discard the bad energy cards and focus on the good energy cards.  Good energy attracts good energy according to three areas as follows:


All energy systems have feedback processes built into them. If you do a kindness to another human being they are likely to feedback kindness to you.  Feedback may be direct, for instance you befriend a dog by being friendly towards it, the dog might head off and find a ball to invite you to play a game with it.

Feedback may be indirect for example if you throw a piece of litter on the ground.  This litter is bad energy, it may seem that there is no feedback at you personally from dropping that litter but it sets off a chain reaction that may come back at you.  The litter you dropped encourages others to drop litter.  The litter attracts the rats and bacteria who bring with them diseases.  Everyone is encouraged to see the mass of litter as a dumping zone, so they dump asbestos, chemical drums and general waste.  Nobody now wants to visit the area except the lowlifes.  It happens you have to pass through that area where you dumped the piece of litter, you get mugged by a lowlife, ending disabled for the rest of your life.  The piece of litter and the mugger may be different in appearance, but in essence they are the same bad energy which grew until it eventually came back to haunt you.

Energy fields

The reason why energy systems like your body have order, stability and self-organising ability is they have energy fields.  These energy fields resist entropy and is why these energy systems wont immediately fall apart into entropy.  These energy fields are charged to favour good or bad energy.

Energy fields are charged to attract the sort of energy you have been throwing out into your own energy system.  All inputs and outputs in your energy system must first pass through your energy field, and this will charge it in favour of good or bad energy.  With regards to your own energy field it has no concept of inside or outside, so if you harm another person the energy field will treat that as harm to self.

Nothing is fixed in self.  An energy field can be changed indirectly through energy inputs or outputs.  All changes to energy fields has an energy cost, learning a new skill from scratch has less cost than undoing a bad habit.

In your card game dealing with good energy will imprint onto the energy field a charge in favour of good energy.  If you however imprint bad energy onto an energy field, it will start attracting bad energy, and presents a high-energy cost challenge to reverse.  Energy fields can be habituated to smiling at everyone each day, just as they can create an addiction to drugs.

Energy blocking

The more good energy flowing through your energy system the more it will block out bad energy.  The reverse is that bad energy has a blocking capability on good energy.  Everyone has met someone who is either buzzing with positivity or walking cloud of misery, and in both cases it is difficult to break a highly positive person with negativity, just as it is difficult to get a depressed person to see the brighter side of life.

Opportunities for breaking the cycle

You note that once good or bad energy is in abundance in an energy system that a self-perpetuating loop is created which can make it healthy or sick.  Excess good energy leaves your energy system to often create such an impression on the outside world that it will become the legacy which will live on after you die.  Bad energy causes entropy, which collapses energy systems.  It is this energy collapse that can offer an opportunity to break the negative-cycle in an energy system.  As I understand it the energy field collapses dumping energy it has been holding into the outside world, this causes a feedback against the energy system, which can come in the form of a crisis or helper to reboot the energy system.  An example of this in mythology is when King Arthur screwed up, and the Holy Grail became involved to restore the sick land.  In history the French on the verge of total defeat to the English got a miracle helper in Joan of Arc.  In every day life,  the opportunity could be as a bloody revolution, an assassination, a nervous breakdown, an accident, sickness, divorce, redundancy, or burn out.  These opportunities tend to attempt to reboot the failing energy system, but it is painful, messy and destructive.


4 responses to “How to play the energy system and win

  1. I gave my energy systems a break today and semi-hibernated. I’ve been on such a run lately and didn’t feel well last night so I was a couch potato. Some work around the house tomorrow but nothing huge..

  2. Such a good read this … and its so important to understand how our energy is affected through our emotional bodies….
    Great Post Alex… I needed to recharge recently and not go into over-load….
    Thank you

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