The connection with nature

I feel in my encounters with nature a connection with the universe.

Once you get close to wild animals, doors can open and you are never the same again.

Once you get close to wild animals, doors can open and you are never the same again. (Photo source: unknown)

The blogger mike585 of the blog WILDEN MARSH is a photographer and blogger who spends many hours watching and taking quality photographs at his local wildlife haven.  He is a passionate enthusiast who relates his latest encounters with the creatures of the night in his blog post entitled “Strangers in the night, exchanging glances” I asked him how he feels to be so close to these wild animals, and I quote his response:

“Being close to the marsh animals, whether it is during the day or in the dark evenings, is always exciting. I never know what’s going to turn up next, Alex. The truth is that I’m so familiar with the marsh and the tracks I find there; that my mind invents scenarios about what the animals might have been up to last night. I wonder where the badgers go when they leave their setts. Do they run from one place to another? Do they waddle along in a ‘devil may care’, sort of aimless way? Are they driven across the Reserve by their noses, in a stressed hyperactive feeding frenzy, or do they forage close to home? I imagine similar things about the muntjac deer, foxes and otters. I have a strong interest in the animals as individual characters. I know, more or less, how they behave in general, but I find myself drawn further and further into their world. I am there with them, if only for a couple of hours, as they go about their normal business. I like watching the interactions: seeing a muntjac walk by, and a fox crossing its path moments later. I like the see how the fox reacts to a muntjac being so close, and how the muntjac is affected.”

Mike has established a connection with nature through his interaction with the wild creatures of Wilden Marsh.  He has become part of their narrative, drawn into a magical landscape of animal and plant, and I sense in his response his deep connection and love for those animals he photographs.

In my feeding swans or squirrel, or my encounter with the butterfly in my house last night there is a connection, which goes beyond the animal to something else.  When I look into the eyes of the swan, partaking for a brief moment an interaction of touch, communication and shared experience, a door opens to me, the entire universe is shining through that door.  That moment I drink from something huge, deep and alive.  Once you have opened the door, tasted of that moment, you never forget, and then you are drawn in ever deeper into a something that is alive, creative and deep.


8 responses to “The connection with nature

  1. I need to read posts like this to be able to remain sane in the face of so much insanity! Thank you! (P.S. any chance of being permitted to republish in full on Learning from Dogs later on in the week?)

  2. And once you get used to living with the wild animals all the time, you cannot go back to live in a city. It seems very…………..alien! You will have to try for a dragon fly on your finger Alex, they will also look you in the eye.

  3. I suspect that the lack of connection with nature is part of why people (at least in the USA) have become absolutely obsessed with keeping dogs. It somehow gives them that natural connection that they otherwise lack.

  4. For those of us who live a short walk away from the countryside we breath in its beauty to fill our lungs every day .. Nature rejuvenates and refreshes our Spirits.. For those who are caught within the Cities I feel sadden that they may never experience those moments of simple delights of stopping in your tracks to look at a bird or an insect upon a tree… or seeing how the squirrels bound from branch to branch playing hide and seek with you. and yet they never take their eyes from you.
    We are all of us part of Nature and its so lovely to see when they interact with ourselves…

    A beautiful post… thank you for sharing

    • It is a blessing to be so near the countryside. I have lived in places that was far from the countryside and near it. Nature has the habit of invading even the most urban of city landscapes for it is warmer and there is food. Some animals and plants flourish in cities in ways they do not in the countryside. For the city dweller, open eyes and an attentive attitude can reveal magic from nature even in their cities.

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