Living in harmony with the universe

Promoting harmony with the universe the ultimate goal of this blog?

This Colchester rabbit can live in harmony with the universe, why not mankind?

This Colchester rabbit can live in harmony with the universe, why not mankind?

Wealthymatters observed that two recent posts on this blog dealt with living in harmony with the universe.  That observation got me thinking about the ultimate goal of my blog, which is to promote living in harmony between self, others and the universe.

If humanity is part of this universe, and this universe moves in a certain way, then it would make sense that humanity moves in the same direction as the universe.  Harmony is the result of the universe, humanity and self singing the same song in tune with each other.  If all things in the universe move, then it is contrary to the universe for humanity to indulge in control that restricts movement.

It is obvious that the many challenges humanity faces with political, economic, social and environmental crisis is the result of disharmony between mankind and the universe.  The answer is that mankind adopts attitudes and behaviour that is harmonious with the universe, each other and self.  Promoting such harmony seems to be a worthy goal for Liberated Way.


8 responses to “Living in harmony with the universe

  1. [ Smiles ] Taoism and Buddhism often deals with the harmony between on oneself and the Universe.

    Let us face the facts, Alex. We are either in harmony or out of harmony with people and places.

    Nice article!

  2. Harmony is a wonderful wish for all. I happen to live in a small community in my apartment complex where we all get along and enjoy each other in a respectful way. It’s a true gift to find this at this point in my life and wish I knew I would find it everywhere I went.

  3. Yes we are part of the Universe.. not separate from it.. I think we have lost our own harmony within our inner-selves.. For we have for the past few centuries been trying to find harmony externally… We think by owning ‘Things’ these ‘Things’ will bring us happiness,, Instead all they bring is desires of more and to get more you have to work more, and working more means less time for self. less time for self means disharmony within…. as we bring stress into our lives.. the planet is under stress because we are putting it under stress, digging for oil to fuel the engines of our desires… Something like that! LOL
    So when we find Inner Peace… the WORLD will find Peace.. It all starts With SELF!…. 🙂

    Great Post Alex 🙂

  4. Sue is right harmony starts from within. We must kill our ego’s, our lust, greed and envy. We must find the peace within and learn to respect all life even the tiniest flea.

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