A week of prophecy and omen

The past week has been marked by prophecy and omen. 

My board game Aquila was known amongst the Celts as "wood wisdom" and was connected to skill and fate.

“Eternity is a child playing chess, the kingdom belongs to the child.” Heraclitus.


Pope Benedict shocked the world when he announced his resignation this week, the first Pope since the medieval ages to do so.  People consulted the surprisingly accurate prophecies about the Popes of Saint Malachy which identified Pope Benedict as the second to last Pope.  The prophecy of the last Pope reads:

“In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

The favourite front-runner for Pope is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

A few hours after the announcement of the resignation lightning struck St Peter’s  Basilica, an event caught by the media.  It all seemed too perfect to be true, the sort straight out of the imagination of a Hollywood movie script.


This week the Italian volcanoes were drawing attention, Stromboli and Etna were being lively, the super volcano at Naples was showing unusual activity, a type of volcano capable of sending the planet into ice age and darkness.


The week ended with a large asteroid passing through between the satellites and earth of the size capable of destroying London.  On the same day a meteorite hit Russia injuring nearly 1000 people.


This was the week when science and art came together to reveal a beautiful image of the planet Mercury, named after the god that was messenger of the gods.

Fall of Roman Colchester

These omens reminded me of my town of Colchester 2000 years ago.  The Romans had raped Celtic women causing them to revolt and march on Roman Colchester.  The Roman writer Tacitus reported that my ancestors in Colchester saw omens:

“At this juncture for no visible reason, the statue of Victory and Camulodunum fell down – with its back turned as though it were fleeing the enemy. Delirious women chanted of destruction at hand. A blood red colour in the sea, too, and shapes like human corpses left by the ebb tide, were interpreted hopefully by the Britons – and with terror by the settlers.”(Tacitus, Annals)

The Romans of Colchester hid inside the Temple of Claudius where Colchester Castle now stands, in which the Celts burnt them alive.  The Celts then destroyed London and other Roman cities.

Hope and Loss

This week two WordPress blog writers on sustainability that I follow were in despair about the future of humanity.  No omens or prophecies are required to know where unsustainable activities lead, the science of the Laws of Thermodynamics is blunt that only total breakdown is the result.

This Liberated Way blog attempts to look for positive solutions to the unsustainable paradigms humanity exists in, but will be realistic in stating that new beginnings come with the strife and destruction of the old, the holding onto the unsustainable ends in self-destruction.  The future of humanity will rest upon the shoulders of the few who will show a new sustainable paradigm.  The many will follow the few.  The choice for all is to be a sheep or the farmer.


13 responses to “A week of prophecy and omen

  1. Also reported today, substantial meteors in Japan, Cuba and northern California on the same day, just to add to the pot. Links for these other events are on my Tomus Arcanum this morning.


  2. Seeing the problem and making a choice- as we play chess with eternity…

    • Yes, the Celtic game of legend is called “Gwyddbwyll” or “Fidchell” one of the thirteen treasures of Britain. A game of destiny, played by the ancient rulers of your part of Britain. Food for many Bards this game crops up a lot in story and poem.

  3. I don’t watch television and had missed most of these stories. I had heard about the Pope which was shocking to me, but the fall of the Vatican would not bother me. I did hear about the meteors but the news of the volcanoes I likewise hadn’t heard about and appreciate your sharing the current events with me so I can catch up.

  4. Oh Alex, what stirring word pictures you offer. As an ex-resident of Colchester from many years past you reminded me to drop you a note with some of my memories of this ancient capital city.

  5. You have a well written and enjoyable blog. Human history never fails to amaze and amuse me. Blessings, Barbara

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