The growing threat of Monsanto

In my opinion Monsanto is a serious threat to humanity and the environment.

This image is what I associate with Mosanto.

This image is what I associate with Monsanto.

One word that I keep hearing about with growing alarm is Monsanto.  People say that climate change, North Korea or al-Qaeda is a great threat to humanity, but few seem to associate a corporate agricultural giant as a threat.

Currently a small farmer in the USA is fighting Monsanto in the US courts involving patents on seeds, which has alarming consequences over food supply and genetic diversity.

I could rant and rave about Monsanto, but I shall keep this short and sweet. I recommend using search engines to explore what this Monsanto has been up to around the world, it may alarm you as it does me.


24 responses to “The growing threat of Monsanto

  1. I have posted much on this company on my current Eco-Crap blog and the original Blogspot version. I might add that my entire Google account with a stable of 15 active blogs disappeared mysteriously, without any explanation nor reply from Google, on the same day (within hours) of posting my fifth and particularly vitriolic condemnation of Monsanto. I am well aware of them and their criminal ambitions. As a result, I lost my first four years of blogging apart from all my emails, etc.

    I consider this to be more than a coincidence.


    • They probably hit Google with a defamation notice. One has to be careful criticising a named person or corporate because it moves into the realm of defamation, and Google tends to play it safe by eliminating sensitive material that could get them sued. The rule is to back up anything in case of it being lost.

  2. I have written a few articles on this subject… mine are still on the air… interesting comment from above,….

  3. Your picture pretty much says it all.

  4. Not to mention that they now hold the rights to spermicidal corn that was engineered in 2001.

    The picture says it all.

  5. Yes this is something that is not going away… I wrote a post about this in 2009 and if you look at the attached video’s Part 1 and 2 you will see a Canadian Farmer also took on the corporation …. We grow our own foods, but the many seeds now are treated with chemical to make them germinate..No wonder our Bees are also struggling in this Genetic engineering world of Crazy Man made Mess…. The post if you are interested is here, skip to the videos at the bottom they are relatively short around 7 and 11 minutes long..

  6. [ Smiles ] One can write a book about Monsanto; they have done a lot of injustice!

  7. Monsanto is an evil corporation trying to infect the entire food supply with chemicals and genetically modified crap for their own profit. They need to be stopped. Scary shit.

  8. I remember Monsanto playing a very bad role during the government of Pres. Carter, replossesing a lot of farmers during the petrol-crisis. They are now playing it globally. First ditching prices so that local farmers cannot survive, then buying their property and employing those same farmers for nearly nothing. It is very bad when the world’s food chain will become entirely in the hands of a few oligopolists.

  9. Bro, Let’s bring more awareness to people around…

  10. Interestingly,there was a great deal of adverse comment from NGOs about Monsanto when it first came to India,Then it went into a JV with the the government and the topic vanished from public debate,No idea how they did this.But some government arms seem to be doing their jobs too

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