Look after your body

Love starts with self.

It is the fashion in Colchester to stay healthy through cycling.  There are many ways to stay healthy.

It is the fashion in Colchester to stay healthy through cycling. There are many ways to stay healthy.

If you are unable to love yourself you will be unable to love other people.  If you are unable to look after yourself you will be unable to help others.

In the final six weeks of 2012 I worked 12+ hour days every day.  At Christmas I rested and in days the first cold hit. After beating off the first cold a few days later a second cold hit, the symptoms of this lasted a month.  I remember before those colds how I was so blessed with good health, during those colds I remembered how wonderful it had been to be in good health, now I remember again how valuable my health is.

Health is one of those things people take for granted, using their bodies like a prostitute, playing poker with their health for the next quick fix from drugs, tobacco, alcohol to steroids.  I read the story of a twenty-something man who worked as warden in the US prison system where they keep a staggering 1% of the US population.  His job was ultra stressful; he apparently had no sleep for 30 hours; took dangerous levels of caffeine high energy drinks; and was badly dehydrated.  He was hospitalised with convulsions.  On returning home his blood pressure was sky high and he had severe memory problems.  He was unable to drive and his ability to work at full performance was curtailed.

Given the chance the modern consumerist system will work you into the grave and cast you aside like a piece of broken rubbish.  In this system there are no rewards for playing the hero destroying your health in its service, only contempt.  The onus is upon you to stay healthy, and to protect your health.  Humanity is now enjoying ever longer lifespans, the shame is that old age for too many is of pain and suffering; those who lived life fast and hard, then got a ruined sick body in old age.

The rules of sustainability apply to the body as much as it does to a business or the environment.  You are both stakeholder and steward of your body, you look after it like a loving parent and health, happiness and abundance is yours, do the reverse you get the opposite of sickness, misery and poverty.  Health costs nothing, sickness can bankrupt with high medical costs and limits on wealth creation.  The body is like a bank account, taking too much out so you are overdrawn leads to harsh consequences. Look after your body it will look after you.


13 responses to “Look after your body

  1. Health is wealth! A vehicle to eternity. 🙂

  2. Thank you Alex for sharing my son’s story. I hope people will read your post and give some serious thought to slowing down their lives and taking care of themselves. You have such a way with words and could not have phrased better how companies use our bodies for their goals, without concern for how it affects us. One little comment for those who are following along, my son’s position is as corrections officer, which means he is much lower on the totem pole than a warden.

    • Thanks for your update and sharing your story of your son’s experience. Yes, the responsibility is always with self to look after themselves and to guard against exploitation which leads to sickness.

  3. I agree with this entirely… we all think when young that we are tough and can take whatever life throws at us… some never make it to old age and some realise too late that old age is now a time of pain and suffering… live and work at a pace conducive to good health and one will reap the benefits…

  4. Bro, So true… Don’t sacrifice our health for our wealth, later use our wealth to pay for our health. Take good care of our body, we can help and bring benefit to more people and this is also filial piety to our parent. May you be Well and Happy! Cheers!

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  6. Thanks for this very different view point of the body as a bank account.I tend to see it as a depreciating asset.It will inevitably go bad, so get as much use of it a possible.But then with good care even vehicles last longer and work better.And the human body is much more amazing, complex and self healing/repairing.I guess I can do with pampering/valuing my body and health more.

  7. Sounds like just another lazy person who doesn’t take the initiative to look after themselves which is epidemic in modern society.. Honestly, the life of a prison guard is not that stressful, Most of it is just sitting around pushing buttons and chatting with one another. People in these kinds of physically and mentally unchallenging positions tend to degrade over time.

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