The importance of good communications

Bad communications break relationships and cause misunderstandings.

Good communications means strong relationships.

Good communications means strong relationships.

It is rare I make a second blog post in any one day but an issue that annoys me motivated me to talk about communications.  One of the major causes of relationship breakdown and conflict in human interaction is due to poor communication.

As a business owner I make it a priority to have good communications with my stakeholders, this includes my customers (investors and clients) and those who make up my team (employees, contractors and suppliers).  With regards to my team I need good internet and phone communications, people who I can with no problem liaise with in order to keep my customers happy.  If I have a situation as I did this morning with a supplier who never bothered to reply to my e-mails or twitter messages they are eliminated from the process.  With regards to customers if there is a poor line of communication I would rather not do business with them.

On my side of the fence I will maintain good communications with all stakeholders making sure they have all the information to satisfy their needs.  I keep the impact upon the lives of customers in communications to a minimum, but in situations which require feedback I need an active line of communication in order to satisfy their needs.

In business and private life I encounter communications that are poor or non-existent.  It drives me nuts.  People who are hard to contact, or fail to reply, or make promises to communicate then don’t, lines of communication vital either for me to run an effective process or deliver an effective result.  People are lazy, they fail to prioritise, they are complacent; this causes me problems and ends in me terminating my relationship to them. Good communications mean strong relationships.


18 responses to “The importance of good communications

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  2. hello alex that is really funny cause i talk about this subject on my blog there you will see a talk from an english author julian treasure the video is in english !

    maby you will enjoy it ! have a nice day !

  3. [ Smiles ] You are right in every aspect!

  4. Yes. Communication is key in any relationship, personal or business. You can’t get anywhere in life without conveying what you want or need and it is a must to learn effective listening habits as well so you can evaluate what others may want or need from you.

  5. The challenge is quietening the mind down so that one hears clearly. The old salesman’s tip of the power of ‘open’ questions goes a long way to clarifying exactly what is being conveyed. As THV just wrote, the skills of effective listening are invaluable.

  6. In personal situations I find the worst communications problems result in not listening. Communication is a two way form of conveying information, listening is the other half of the equation, as stated above. The people who don’t listen seem to be so full of themselves and superiority in their opinions they don’t stop to see another point of view.

  7. Communication is the act also of listening as others have commented here already.. Working in Supported Living as a support worker.. Communication is ALL important, but Listening is also as important and to sometimes what isnt being said..

    I have had phone conversations with strangers and others who do not listen as they pause not for breath as they ramble on about Self. Communication in business is about listening to the customer and his requirements as well as selling the product and talking about its benefits…. always a two way thing in my book is the Importance of good communications 🙂

  8. Nice post Alex. I agree Good communications mean strong relationships. I end up terminating relationships with those who fail to practice habits which maintain quality ones, as well. 😦 It’s unfortunate but necessary for progress devoid of toxic feeling.

    • Hi Godisx, thanks for your comment. Lack of communications creates misunderstandings, often damaging relationships. I consider that bad communications is a sign the other party does not care about me, it is often the trigger for me to look at such relationships closely, and I will then terminate them as you do to avoid the toxic outcomes.

      • Agreed Alex. Yes, especially ‘ongoing,’ bad communications where the other party appears adverse to improving their end of it. By the way, I am really enjoying your blog. 🙂

      • Thanks for your positive feedback, Godisx. If the other side is given the choice to improve communications and fail to do so, then it is a clear example that they fail to care about the person they are in relationship with, thus terminating the relationship seems to be a good choice to make.

      • I think so… (unfortunately).

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